In a world full of Ryan Roxes — kids out there making high-budget music videos with money from who knows where, promoting unhealthy lifestyles, living out their half-baked fantasies — it’s refreshing to catch a glimpse of two gals just doing what they love to do with what their local mall or possibly local photography studio has got. When you have a classic tune with an on-point message you don’t NEED all the theatrics. All you need is a blue screen, some words to float across that blue screen, maybe the serene image of an ocean, a dash of fun, and sure, a few new outfits. Thanks Lexy and Stephany for bringing us back down to Earth, once again. I sincerely hope that you have a good day at school today. Mondays are the worst!!!!!

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  1. It felt like a really really long intro sequence to me

  2. i wonder if the one with braces hates the other one because her teeth are so straight.

  3. It’s good to see that the Robert Palmer method of dancing is still in action!

  4. According to their official website, “With over 200,000 views on YouTube, appearances on NBC, WGN and FOX television in Chicago and European radio airplay within the last year, the pop opera duo of Lexy and Stephany are well on their way to becoming the world’s newest viral singing sensations.”

    A) You need a fuck of a lot more than 200,000 views to be considered viral these days.

    B) Stop trying to be viral. When I was your age, you know what it meant to be viral? Fuckin’ quarantine, that’s what.

  5. I bet each of those girls secretly thinks of herself as “the pretty one”.

  6. Great song. I think you meant to post this on Stereogum.

  7. i think their vocal coach needs to explain the concept of “alto range” to them.

  8. The Kids Incorporated-style keyboards are what really sells this. Bravo, ladies.

  9. And also, you know you’re in for a real treat when comments have been disabled on YouTube…

  10. Which one is Lexy and which one is Stephany? I want to make fun of them individually, but don’t care enough to actually look it up.

  11. More than a year gone by and the straight-haired one (Lexy?) has gotten no less awkward in front of the camera. Meanwhile Curly is just letting loose and feeling the music.

  12. It may have felt like love, but it sounded like something totally different.

  13. This was surprisingly Sparks-esque.

  14. I guarantee these girls are Christians. I have extremely well-honed Christian-dar.

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