• Ben Affleck is using his recently acquired bully pulpit to call attention to issues in the Congo. Marry me, Ben! Marry us all! -WashingtonPost
  • Will Skyfall and Lincoln dilute the profits for Killing Them Softly on opening weekend? A real nail-biter. -TheWeek
  • Spike Jonze revisits an old love, co-directing a skateboarding video called Pretty Sweet. Hint: It’s pretty sweet. -/Film.
  • Fred Savage has welcomed a 3rd child. Typical Kevin Arnold, too bad it wasn’t with Winnie. Life is so unfair! -People
  • Step 1: Listen to the entire soundtrack of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Step 2: Relax. See, isn’t that better? -RollingStone
  • Matthew McConaughey brings everybody back around today with a full-page Variety ad for your consideration. Awoooga! -FilmDrunk
  • According to Reddit, there’s something funny about the DVD packaging for Die Hard 2. Is this true? Do you own it? If you can, go try it real quick and let us know. -CollegeHumor
  • Eddie Pepitone did a ‘Lost Roles Interview’ this week and it turns out he auditioned to play Danny Glover’s curmudgeonly sidekick. That would have been great! Let’s get that option back on the table. -Splitsider
  • The bad news: Carrie Underwood is going to play Maria Von Trapp in a live broadcast (?!) of The Sound of Music in December 2013. The good news: you have over a year to figure out other plans for that night. “She’s a darling, she’s a demon, she’s a lamb!” -Dlisted
  • Here is Christopher Lee reading “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the long poem that inspired the film. For naptime, bedtime, any time. -BoingBoing
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  1. I’m starting to think that Die Hard might be the best movie series ever. I haven’t finalized my thoughts on this, so I’m not ready to rest my case, but I’m more excited about Die Hard 5 than anything else happening next year.

  2. I hate Carrie Underwood, mainly because idiots always think she somehow legitimizes American Idol. Like I always say Kelly Clarkson is the only person to really accomplish anything substantial after winning American Idol and the supposed premise of the show is kinda bullshitty and annoying people always tell me I’m wrong because Carrie Underwood. But it’s like, name three of her songs? No? I rest my case.

    • I think if you listen to country you know her. I can name only one of her songs (and I know she married a hockey player, but that’s because of him, not her), but I see ads for her albums on the bus, so she must be doing ok.

      • I mean I am sure she’s doing fine and is doing well in the realm of country music. But that’s just it. In the realm of country music. Isn’t the point of American Idol to select the most talented singer to become something more along the lines of Kelly Clarkson?

        And regardless, American Idol is still bullshitty because even if you include Carrie Underwood thats what like 2 people in the last however many years of the show’s existence to actually have some form of success?

  3. You guys can have my share of Ben Affleck the Husband.
    I’m holding out for Alcide/Hugh Jackman [not peeing and wearing the gold pants]/Clive Owen/Owen Pallett. Preferably all of them, but I’m pretty open to whatever.

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