It kind of seemed like this whole Interent thing was winding down, and then someone installed a 170-foot long trampoline in Russia. “Bloop bloop bloop BLOOP!” That is the sound of the Internet’s energy bar raising to MAX energy. (Thanks for the tip, Greg.)

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  1. If there was ever a need for a permanent 24-hour live stream, this is definitely it.

    • Totally. I’m the kind of person who can’t pass an ice rink without waiting to see somebody fall so you’d better believe I would watch that all day. Puppy Cam, Schmuppy Cam!

  2. This makes me very concerned about someone’s knee.

  3. Why are so many of those people shirtless? Cant they see the deadly springs all around them, just waiting for the opportunity to tear off a nipple or impale a navel? Trampolines are just death traps, you guys.

  4. I guess it’s safe to say that Russian courts have yet to adopt attractive nuisance doctrine. #commonlawjokes #notevenreallyajoke #moreofanobservation #hashtagpro

  5. It’d be awesome if that trampoline ended at a small canyon that the Russians transformed into the world’s largest foam pit.

  6. Again Russia! Have you guise seen their horrible wedding photoshop website?

  7. In Russia trampoline jumps on you

  8. This is how they spend their identify theft money.

  9. Did you guys know there’s a show now called Million Dollar Rooms? It’s pretty repugnant, but I wonder if any of them at least involve this trampoline.

    On a side note, I’ve seen one episode of that show and it contained one of the best lines I’ve ever seen on reality TV. The host was showing some ridiculous thing in this ridiculous house, and he goes, “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” pauses and adds, “in this house.”

  10. Russia is better than here.

  11. This is the Russian equivalent of the Soul Train line dance.

  12. I always wondered what they did with all those open trenches.

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