What a week. Lindsay Lohan died, again. A character on television got married to another character on television. Tim Allen taught us all a thing or none about Quantum Physics. A known sex offender taught us how to make chili cheese nachos. And, of course, Mary Miller joined the Videogum team. Remember? That was great. Welcome to the team once again, Mary. Anyway, it is officially the holiday season now, and you know what that means: EGG NOG PARTY. Enjoy your egg nog party this weekend, as we will all enjoy our egg nog parties this weekend. See you on Monday, fatsos. #eggnog

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5  Dr. Feelgood | Nov 27th Score:39

We were all preoccupied trying to keep our kids off the internet that we completely neglected our parents.

Posted in: How To Make Chili Cheese Nachos
#4  topknot | Nov 27th Score:40

Oh facetaco, you’re someone I just can’t get mad at.

Posted in: This Is The Internet’s Favorite New GIF
#3  Chris Trash | Nov 26th Score:40

For future reference, what’s the time frame in which it is acceptable to photoshop Mary into stuff?

Posted in: Please Help Us Welcome Mary Miller To The Videogum Family
#2  truckasaurus | Nov 26th Score:42

Welcome! As a gift, I have written this haiku:

At Videogum,
Trampoline accidents and
Hating on Gwyneth

Posted in: Please Help Us Welcome Mary Miller To The Videogum Family
#1  That One | Nov 26th Score:45

Welcome, Mary! iz u rely 6?

Posted in: Please Help Us Welcome Mary Miller To The Videogum Family

[Assoc. Ed. Note: MARY MILLLLLLLLLLER! Who can award favorites in a celebratory week like this? (JK.) (We can!) (Congratulations, That One!) -Kelly]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment


Jason Brown | Nov 26th Score:-18

Gabe seems to miss the point of it all — he watched it, he wrote about it, Video Gum posts an article about it.
Whether he likes it or not, or gets to feel superior to the stars or not, it’s sort of beside the point.

Posted in: There Is Nothing To Say About Liz & Dick

[Assoc. Ed. Note: Well, not really. The whole thing was an obvious, most likely intentional, spectacle -- the post addressed the odd, yucky problem with that spectacle, it didn't try to deny the spectacle its spectacle. Also: What? I don't really know how to respond to you because what are you saying? -Kelly]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

  lawblog | Nov 27th Score:40

“When you sustain a corneal abrasion due to a rousing game of polo, you simply must wear this velour monogrammed eyepatch by Langdon Donovan.” —Gwyneth

Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Scott Disick’s Stupid Eye Patch

[Ed. Note: Congratulations, lawblog! You earned it.]

This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice (Mary)

  Commentatrix | 1:32am Score:1

You guys, what follows is a true story, but take it with a grain of salt because my memory is pretty shoddy:

Once when I was 18 and being driven home from college by my dad, we stopped for gas in northern California and I saw Rider “Shawn Hunter” Strong AT THE NEXT GAS PUMP putting gas in a Toyota Corolla! Except I’m not sure it was a Corolla, and I’m not sure how old I really was (but some kind of teenager because upon spotting him I instantly attempted to make myself look as cute and aloof as possible, should he happen to look my way), and I’m also not sure where, geographically, the alleged (ha!) gas station was. But the important part of the story is all true!

Side note: My freshman year of college I took General Psychology and scoffed at the notion that the test subjects in memory experiments scored so poorly but now I get it. I get it. #old

Posted in: Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

[Assoc. Ed. Note: I picked this comment because personal anecdotes are the best and I want to hear more of them! Also: hahahah, don't you hate when you see a famous person (and yes, you try to look sooooo cool and unassuming) and the whole thing ends up turning out not to be everything you imagined it would? ACK! -Mary]

This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice (Kelly)

  summer estherson | Nov 26th Score:5

Krispy’s mom seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. Knows how to set boundaries. Good on her.

Posted in: Krispy Kreme Brings Us Into The Holiday Season

[Assoc. Ed. Note: Plz remember Krispy Kreme's "Christmas" for when you're drinking eggnog this weekend. -Kelly]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

  topknot | Nov 28th Score:12

I’ve been working on being more grateful in life lately. It’s not easy! I recognize my life is pretty great, I have a loving family, a great fiance, the best dog, etc. It’s great! I just feel so conditioned by my 30 years of life to become so easily frustrated with little things that really don’t matter. It has been something of a go-to response for me for a long time, so chipping away at it takes effort.

I also think we’re taught to feel kind of guilty about being happy with our lives. I know plenty of people who really do suffer in different ways, and it’s a hard thing to balance being happy and grateful but still be compassionate for others. Someone told me recently that we are actually best able to help others when we ourselves are in a good place, and that made good sense to me.

Anyway, thank you Gabe for this little mid-week reminder to be grateful.

Posted in: Let’s Think About Children In Afghanistan For, Like, Two Seconds

[Ed. Note: You're welcome, man! We should all try and do that! By the way, that whole comment thread on that post is pretty interesting. People really get into it over the whole "white people problems" thing, which personally seems like a distracting focus on semantics rather than the essence of the issue. I guess I sort of see how "third world country" is mildly offensive, but also there are lots of things about the current geo-political and economic framework that we exist in that seem more offensive. But yeah! Check it out!]

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  2. Is it time to dance yet?

  3. Thanks Gabe! Thanks everyone!

    I got to have a tasting for my wedding menu yesterday and it was so fun! This is where the dinner will be:

    I kind of can’t wait.

  4. Today has been a day of “Yay for ___”

    So on that note, Yay for monsters. Yay for Friday. Yay for my bed.

  5. why is my comment awaiting moderation? what did I do wrong?

  6. Thank you Gabe, for addressing the more than a little dumb dissection of the term “first world problems.” You are right, it was unnecessary a lot of unnecessary focus on semantics that might be mildly offensive at worst, and there are much bigger problems than having a pissing contest to see who is the MOST politically correct.

    Sorry, I just thought that particular thread reeeeeaaalllllllyyyyy missed the point of what Gabe was trying to say in that post, and it annoyed me, because I thought that post was actually saying something valuable.

    • I’m just glad I was able to clarify that Louis CK did not coin the term “white people problems.” Then I bounced!

    • Not specifically saying this about the first world/white person problems semantics (because yes, that can get super picayune regarding which is better), but I don’t know that I’d agree with the “there are much bigger problems” tactic wholesale. First, that’s frequently something assholes say to derail a discussion they don’t want to have about ways they are being assholes. Second, things that seem little are usually still part of larger issues. It’s like saying you shouldn’t get upset about women being referred to as whores because women in another country can still be stoned for adultery. Yes, the degree of severity is different, but they go back to the same root: women as something other than people. The whole first world/white people problems deal by definition makes some group of people – usually one that’s racially marginalized – into “other,” as in not “us,” and when that’s done under the guise of “awareness,” it’s kind of problematic. Because, you know, acting like every non-white person in the USA isn’t “us” is kind of gross. Acting like people in Uganda don’t get irritated when their smartphones don’t work (because it’s primitive Africa! They couldn’t possibly have smartphones if they need all those shoes from Tom!) is also kind of gross. And it’s absolutely connected to the global forces that marginalize those people.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • Well, and my point is: use of the term “first world problems” IS doing something that actually directly harms others, because it’s a piece of a fucked up situation. You can’t divorce one from the other, and yes, “first world problems” IS putting down people in other countries, not to mention operating on a whole lot of unfounded and damaging assumptions. There are about a billion ways to remind people not to sweat the small stuff. Such as saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Leave people in Sudan out of it, they’ve got shit to reblog on their tumblrs.

  7. I didn’t think was a really big deal but I guess Boy Meets World is kind of a big deal around here. In college (UCLA) one of my friends was a former child actor and he was friends with Ben Savage and Matthew Lawrence. Ben liked to moon people at parties and Matthew was a quiet, sweet guy. I think I hung out with them 2 or 3 times.

  8. You guys, I’m going to another anti-coal function tomorrow!! And I spent much of last night talking a handful (6-8) of rural Oregon residents into going to a public hearing next week! I’m like one of those people who antagonizes Leslie Knope, but instead of putting Twilight in a time capsule, I’m trying to make sure barges and trains don’t transport open bed containers of strip mined coal to China.

    And in case anyone lives in the Portland area and wants to attend the Department of Environmental Quality hearing next Thursday at 5:30 p.m., it is being held at the Ambridge Event Center, 1333 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97232 (the event was moved earlier this week). Power Past Coal is a decent site for more information, though I’m volunteering to help make it better… and possibly less off-putting to not anti-coal activists.

    Of course, I also learned last night that one of the groups got a ton of money from pro-fracking people in NY and PA to stop coal… which makes me livid and in a weird moral dilemma. Why the hell does one waterway have to get poisoned so another does not??

    So have a great weekend everyone and let’s keep our fingers crossed I don’t get arrested! (For the activism or just in general.)

    • The fracking stuff is really scary. In Oklahoma, they had a rash of earthquakes this summer near the OKC area and we felt a lot of them in Tulsa. The oil companies said it wasn’t due to fracking, but the epicenter just happened to be near the major fracking sites in OK, so…..

      But OK is run by oil, so it’s not like anyone will question them. Still, I should not have to worry about earthquakes in OK.

      • Please excuse me if this is an obvious question: Is there a lot of Oklahoma merchandise that plays on the state’s abbreviation? If so, can you share any with us right now?

        • You would think, wouldn’t ya? But really, other than the main song from “Oklahoma,” people really don’t do much with it. Oklahoma is OK was on our license plates for a long time, but I think people finally figured out how sad that was. As a (now former) Tulsan, we really just made fun of people from OKC and celebrated our Tulsa-ness. Whatever that means.

  9. I don’t know what kind of idiot writes this so-called blog but Lindsey Lohan did NOT die this week. CHECK YOUR FACTS! CHECK THEM BEFORE YOU POST!

    Once something is posted on the internet it can never be taken back and so this falsehood will be on google forever now, and the people of the future and/or aliens will find it and be very confused. Hope you are happy.

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG! Making it into the Monster’s Ball for the first time (as a very infrequent commenter of late, no less) is wayyyyyy more gratifying than I ever imagined it would be! Thank you, Mary! Thank you, Videogum! I really wish that I had taken the time to welcome you in the “Welcome Mary” post, but I am a public school teacher and have LITERALLY no time for fun things. Man, this really cancels out my whole shitty week.

  11. Ahhh!!! Thanks, Kelly! Congrats to the other Ballers! Congratulations to all of us for making it to the Christmas season. Congrats to Krispy on his dope song. Have great weekends y’all. I have to work this evening (booooo) but you guys enjoy your “Saturday night.”

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