It’s a sadder party than you would expect, but not without its pratfalls. A bit like life that way. Have a good one, you old friends! Don’t be so shy at your Friday Adele butterdance party! (Via Speriod.)

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  1. I sometimes have the feeling that videogum might be the #1 inadvertent fetish site on the web.

    Also, Adele Butterdance is now the name of my fictional old lady detective.

  2. I could have made so many cookies with that butter.

    • Dammit!

      My line was going to be, “So…we’re not making those cookies tonight?”

      In the behind the scenes story for me, I am her boyfriend who is becoming accustomed to her using food we were supposed to cook, or even my stuff in general, in her performance art pieces that I silently hate.

  3. don’t worry baby, it gets butter!

  4. Is the butter shortage still happening in Norway? If so, she just made a lot of enemies.

  5. I hate conceptual art so much that not even Adele can make it acceptable.

    Also, those poor fucking shoes.

  6. I had high expectations for this video. I can’t believe it’s not better.

  7. Nope. I’m out.

  8. I had to watch the whole thing to confirm: the butter holds up surprisingly well and the “audience” never thinks to throw toast.

  9. And that’s enough for today, Internet.

    Go home, Internet, you’re drunk.

  10. How did she resist the urge to use “Skyfall” instead?

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