[Ed Note: Rather than focus only on the Thursday night comedy block, we're going to open up the conversation (and the GIFversation) to all of the wonderful comedies you guys are watching throughout the week -- The Mindy Project, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Daniel Tosh Comedy Rock Block, whatever. You get it. Plz join in!]

So, I guess let’s begin with last night and work our way backwards. CHRIS GETHARD, EVERYBODY! He was wonderful, what a treat. If only someone wanted to hire a hitman every week. New Jim is becoming increasingly Old Jim, which is odd, as if they’re prepping to keep The Office on for another 100 years so they could keep writing the Pam and Jim story lines everyone loved from the first few seasons. (Which we would all reluctantly watch until we were dead, obviously.) Parks and Recreation was kind of a snoozer, surprisingly. I liked the Andy/April story line, but the rest of them — the new park and Rent-A-Swag — didn’t really hold my attention. It’s possible that that note times up with when I grabbed my phone from the other room where it had been charging, BUT STILL. Perhaps my least fave episode of the (very good) season. 30 Rock was noooooooooooooooot good, unfortunately. The idea of Tracy being depressed with his long-life diagnosis is great, but all of the wedding stuff was not so much. It seemed as if the episode was hastily thought out in the same way their idea to get married was hastily thought out, except without the happy ending. THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! RUINED! JK. We’re all fine, 30 Rock‘s fine. I’m sure you guys probably loved it, what do I know. It’s Always Sunny and The League were both enjoyable. Love whenever It’s Always Sunny features a homemade commercial. The best. The New Girl is one of my favorite shows on TV these days, which is still a bit of a hard sell to some, but trust me, and Tuesday’s episode “Eggs” was very good. I’m enjoying watching the slow set-up of Cece and Schmidt’s future relationship. I enjoyed the scene in Sadie’s office that was just like that scene from Friends where Monica explains to Chandler (or maybe Joey?) how to please a woman. (“SEVEN. SEVEN. SEVEN.”) Good over all. Good show. Luv it. And today the only other show I want to point out from this week (because I’ve already said so much, but feel free to talk about all the other ones!) is Sunday night’s Bob’s Burgers, “The Deepening.” It was very good. You guys watching this show? Ever heard of it? Bob’s Burgers? It was a great Tina episode that you could’ve possibly missed if you were live-tweeting Liz & Dick. “You had me at horse, but lost me at horse skeletons.” A+. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF COMEDY ON TV?

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  1. I have been watching Deadwood, and I would count it as a comedy because I laugh out loud at least once an episode. “If I had a mug like that I’d cut down on being told how butt fucking ugly I was by not staring at total fucking strangers!” Ohhhhh Jane. So my week in comedy, which was like 3 Deadwood episodes while I knit slippers for my brother, was pretty great!

  2. I see how it is. You don’t want to hear my riveting thoughts on The Vampire Diaries anymore. FINE. Just get ready for me to dissect every episode of Cougar Town in excruciating detail when it comes back.

    I agree about Parks and Rec. I don’t like when they go so over the top with things. The Eagleton stuff was ridic.

    New Girl was lots of fun! Nick has been outshining Schmidt this season in general but not in this episode. Although my favorite line might have been when Nick said he was going to eat his way out of a sandwich house, to be more like Hemingway.

    • I’m not familiar with Cougar Town, but TBS is not doing it any favors with those “We’re back, we’re back, TBS is very funny!” commercials.

      Congratulations on getting the show back though (no sarcasmo).

      • I haven’t seen the commercials, but they do sound annoying. The show is not annoying though. It’s very good! The first six or seven episodes are what you would expect a show called Cougar Town to be like, but then it gets really awesome after that.

    • I like to read your thoughts on The Vampire Diaries, catweazle! Someone has to bring up how dumb Jeremy can be and how everything would be better if Elijah was around more.

  3. Great shows! Great week of TV! Great job laughing, everyone!

    But…were there any other ladies who saw New Girl and suddenly got freaked out that they should get fertility testing? Like, not to see if you’re infertile but just to know if your window is closing soon? And now you kinda can’t stop thinking about it and it pisses you off because it’s just a TV show?

    • the 90% thing was terrifying! It can’t be true right? I’m not near 30 yet, but sheesh who wants to think about babies at 30? That’s like only 1/3 of your life!

      • I read (because I’ve been thinking about it all f-ing week) that it’s true but it’s not something to worry about because it’s something like we start with 300,000 and by the time we’re thirty it’s down to 30,000 but that’s still a ton of eggs so I shouldn’t worry. I shouldn’t worry. AHH!

        Let’s not worry together.

    • I thought HELL YEAH!!! and high-fived my barren womb because babies are annoying. Then I drank wine and looked up adopting another puppy on Petfinder.org. THIS IS A TRUE STORY.

      Also, my dog just ran down my street to play with a lab puppy mix he’s been obsessed with all summer/fall because THAT puppy (actual puppy = lab/shepherd/ridgeback mix) gets to ride up and down the street with his cute dad on a skateboard and bike. So the cute dog dad stopped to help me catch my dog and now we have a hyper lab mix play date. My dog is the best. He got two treats when we got home.

    • According to my husband, there is no such test. He should know, because he’s a doc. Also his mom and my mom had babies right up until the age of 39. Lots and lots of them. Tons of them. All healthy and annoying to this day! (JK siblings and siblings in law)

  4. Haven’t watched Thursday tv yet, so comments on The New Girl and Mindy:

    I love that they’ve toned Jess down just enough. She’s still awkward and sings a bunch, but the other characters balance her out. Nick is by far the best character, but the ensemble is great. Eggs was great! “Are you just drunk at the zoo right now?”

    Does anyone else like Mindy? I know it’s kind of an acquired taste and I can see where people would like it, but I find the show really funny. I liked the Thanksgiving episode and this week’s was very nice.

    • I’m in the same TV boat. I only really watch Parks on Hulu over the weekend, so I always skip this thread. I thought the last New Girl was GREAT. That show can be pretty hit or miss, but Eggs really nailed it. And I like The Mindy Project a lot. It hasn’t quite hit its stride – like, the side characters are all just kind of ill defined, and there are no compelling arcs whatsoever – but it’s consistently funny and I love Mindy so much.

    • I LOVE Mindy! I am a little biased b/c I’ve been mildly obsessed with Mindy Kaling for a few years, but I really like the new show. There are *some* issues, but I won’t nitpick here…suffice it to say that her posse of sidekick characters could largely be done without. More Mindy!!

  5. I’m really enjoying New Girl and, to a lesser extent, Apartment 23 but I’m like 2 weeks behind. I didn’t know there was going to be a quiz. Sorry, Ms. Conaboy. I’ll catch up for next week.

    The only new show I watched last night was Ben & Kate. It was the first episode I watched form that series. Thought it was okay. Nothing mindgrape exploding but pleasant and enjoyable. Would do business again.

    PS. I like that this is all inclusive now.

      • I saw that with my mom and she just stared at me after this.

        Reminds me of the season 2 episode “Sexual Harassment:”

        Dwight: Hey, Toby.
        Toby: Hey Dwight.
        Dwight: You said that we could come to you if we had any questions.
        Toby: Sure.
        Dwight: Where is the clitoris? On a website, it said at the crest of the labia. What does that mean? What does the female vagina look like?
        Toby: Technically, I am in Human Resources. And Dwight was asking about human anatomy. Um… I’m just sad the public school system failed him so badly.

  6. Black Dennis is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of television.

  7. My favorite part of Parks and Rec last night was the balloon sculpture that Ben had commissioned because it was really cute, and I know from experience that balloon sculpting can be a real pain(Never try to teach a group of elementary school kids how to make a balloon dog when you are the only one instructing them, even if it is a small group. It is not worth it. ) I always like the when Bert Macklin shows up. Andy is the best.

    Has anyone else been watching Ben and Kate? I was not thrilled by the premise, but it is a cute show that always makes me laugh. I really like Ben and Tommy’s friendship more than anything. The Thanksgiving episode was very funny, and it featured a Jesus Christ, Superstar sing-off in a bar.

  8. I felt so bad for Angela. :( Oscar is a jerk and I can’t believe he tried to partially blame her for marrying the senator in the first place, as if that excuses his actions at all.

  9. Caught up on Weeds last night. The series finale was weird.

  10. I came here hoping for an Andy Dwyer: “Is Hitler here?!” .gif. Also, Happy Endings is the best show on ABC.

  11. Peep Show is back on!!!

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