I don’t know why any of us get excited about funny SNL guests anymore, but it’s clear the excitement/disappointment cycle will never end (and that Jon Hamm episode last fall WAS great). This Saturday, manage your expectations for the very funny Seth Rogen! Here’s his promo reel with Bill Hader:

I’m keeping my hopes way down, maybe that’ll work. Hey, speaking of Bill Hader, guess who discovered him at a comedy show and convinced Lorne Michaels to meet him? You’re never going to guess. Megan Mullally. Weird!

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  1. Claude  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 +1

    Tje Johm Hamm episode was the only consistently funny one this year. His James Mason impression was amazing..
    (John Malkovich was also pretty good)

  2. The Paul Rudd one was just as funny as the Jon Hamm one.
    Generally though, when the host understands Lonely Island/Bill Hader humor, the show is good. Because it’s not just an hour and a half of trying to incorporate the host where they shouldn’t be.

  3. rogen needs to never laugh again.

  4. There’s nothing I don’t like about Seth Rogen.
    So, for me, suckage is impossible for this episode, just like the Paul Rudd episode.

  5. That One  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 +5

    I have to watch a commercial to watch a fucking commercial?

  6. Phoenix FTW!

  7. I liked Seth Rogen better fat… attractiveness-wise, at least. Who’s with me?

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