• This photo is entitled “Sad Jennifer Lawrence Eating A Whole Fish” but really it’s more like, “I’m trying to eat this fish, it’s a little embarrassing that they’re making me do this, please don’t take my picture.” Either way, she’s going to have to eat that fish. Acting! -BuzzFeed
  • Rider “Shawn Hunter” Strong says he won’t join the cast of Girl Meets World, except for maybe making a few guest appearances. We hadn’t really thought about it, but now that we know he’s not participating let’s forget the whole thing. -EntertainmentWeekly
  • Jude Law is letting go of being a heartthrob and getting down to the more interesting business of being an actor. Hahaha! Was he holding ON to being a heartthrob before? GOTCHA, Judd! My favorite quote: “I don’t have a lot of time anymore for standing around choosing outfits. I’m too long in the tooth for that now.” Ugggghhhh, *TELL* me about it. -NewYorkTimes
  • Marc Maron was a guest on Conan last night and boy do those two have some funny banter when they get together! Just good stuff. -Laughspin
  • Robert Zemeckis’ Fresh Air interview should be available by 5pm EST. Great! We can all listen to it tonight instead of staring blankly into the abyss. -NPR
  • Terry Richardson took pictures of a sans-eyebrows Jared Leto sucking in his stomach verrrrrry flat and making zombie eyes and doing lots of other FUN FUN FUN poses. Jared looks to really be enjoying himself. This begs the question, what’s up with Scarlett and Jared these days?  -FilmDrunk
  • Meet Dutch designer Koos van den Akker, creator of the Bill Cosby Sweater. He’s adorable. Bill’s sweaters were all one-of-a-kind! -Vice
  • Hugh Jackman is in talks to reprise his role of Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. Something tells me it’s going to work out. -/Film
  • Here’s an on-set photo of Patton Oswalt & Timothy Olyphant filming a new episode of Justified yesterday. Looking good, guys! -@pattonoswalt
  • Matthew McConaughey lost a bunch of weight for his role in The Dallas Buyers Club, which he has been filming in New Orleans. Does anyone else get worried when you see things like this because of what happened to Matt Damon when he was filming Courage Under Fire? Remember? Yikes. -Just Jared
  • It’s Liz Lemon’s wedding on 30 Rock tonight (no big whoop), so here’s a bunch of themed & illustrated cocktail ideas for the occasion. Sláinte, Liz & Criss! -Flavorwire
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  1. Um, am I gross? Because Funky Juice sounds super delicious to me.

  2. Looks like we’re back to links opening in the same window. Drat. This time I remembered and was FOOLED!

  3. Maybe Jude Law finally realized that his attempts to stay “sexy” were causing him to look like a greasy dinosaur.

  4. I like how Jude Law says he’s mature because it doesn’t matter to him anymore what outfit he’s wearing — he just lets a wardrobe professional pick for him. As a result, dude looks like hell on a cracker in a $2,350 jacket by Alfred Dunhil, $480 shirt by Hermes, and $230 scarf by Jane Carr, just like the rest of us.

  5. More important (have we covered this?): PATRICK STEWART AND IAN MCKELLAN will both by in X-Men: Days of Future Past. BOTH OF THEM. AAAHHHHH!

    • not to be overly cynical about this whole business, but i hated X-Men: First Class, so I’m a bit skewed here….but the line on what’s “reboot” and “sequel” etc. continues to be ultra-thin as after only a single film, Fox is bringing back in the only parts of the original series that worked? come on.

      the words “reboot” should be stricken from hollywood. call it what it is: “mulligan” or “do-over” or “throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.”

      looking forward to a new Green Lantern in 2014, a new batman in 2015 that will find some way to keep morgan freeman and/or michael caine, and a new John Carter in 2016.

      • I liked XMFC but I also have well documented biases towards James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Not An Asshole Charles Xavier, and Kevin Bacon. It makes no sense if you think about it since I at least see it as a weird prequel rather than reboot, and admittedly makes none of the original 3 make any sense if you accept XMFC as canonical (that or Mystique and Xavier hate each other or only talk telepathically and never share with the audience, those jerks. However, I think that Days of Future Past could be very interesting and has the possibility of being great. Time travel could be wonky as fuck, yes, but it could also remove the problematic discrepancies that XMFC caused. I choose to be hopeful, as the involvement of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, along with Bryan Singer’s return to the directors chair, are promising signs.

  6. Jennifer Lawrence is irrepressibly adorable.

  7. Jude Law should play Bond.


      • As much as I love Benedict, I just can’t see him playing Bond. He would be a great Bond villain, I think. Imagine this: Idris Elba as Bond vs. Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain? I’d see that movie so hard. And of course we’d keep Ben Whishaw as Q because OMG ADORABLE.

      • I personally vote for a Fassbender Bond

  8. That Koos video took a dark turn. Also, did anyone else notice his casual homophobia?

  9. You guys, what follows is a true story, but take it with a grain of salt because my memory is pretty shoddy:

    Once when I was 18 and being driven home from college by my dad, we stopped for gas in northern California and I saw Rider “Shawn Hunter” Strong AT THE NEXT GAS PUMP putting gas in a Toyota Corolla! Except I’m not sure it was a Corolla, and I’m not sure how old I really was (but some kind of teenager because upon spotting him I instantly attempted to make myself look as cute and aloof as possible, should he happen to look my way), and I’m also not sure where, geographically, the alleged (ha!) gas station was. But the important part of the story is all true!

    Side note: My freshman year of college I took General Psychology and scoffed at the notion that the test subjects in memory experiments scored so poorly but now I get it. I get it. #old

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