A million Saturday Night Live writers typing on a million typewriters for a million years in the basement of the British Museum could never write this sketch. In the words of Kanye West, “parodies on parodies on parodies.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of Key and Peele during this difficult time. (Via MichelleCollins.)

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  1. He’s single-handedly keeping the frame industry alive

  2. Also, that’s not an emmy, that’s a DAYTIME emmy, YOU GASBAG!

  3. I had to turn off my computer halfway through this.

  4. Actor, Author, Choreographer, TV Host, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Director, Producer, Equestrian, Pilot, Educator….

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I spent today pretending to write a novel about my horse-based dance routines whilst hosting my self-scripted/directed/produced TV show (complete with the theme tune I wrote) from the cockpit of my flying school, I would have nothing much in common with James Lipton.

  5. I had to stop it when he said Ben Stiller was one of his heroes.

  6. Did you see the obvious joke? It’s inside Inside Inside Inside.

  7. Did you see the obvious joke? It’s inside Inside Inside Inside.

  8. His voice is really soothing. Would he like to record soothing affirmations for me that I could listen to as I fall asleep?

    • I fell asleep listening to him interview Jodie Foster on Saturday. I have to say I love him. He’s a character for sure, but he really does give good interviews. Some of his questions are ridick but then the answers are usually good and he has a way of getting at the actors. He throws them off guard. Sure – he’s a bit cray cray but in the end it’s about the people he worships to death anyway.

  9. Throughout that video, I couldn’t stop wondering when I would be able to purchase my own copy of Inside Inside so you can imagine my shock to learn that it was published in 2007! Does this mean that I could have learned the secrets of his Al Hirschfeld ‘s drawing of James Lipton 5 years ago? Also, did anyone else notice that well-stocked bar in Lipton’s office? I only caught a quick peek, but I think it’s safe to say that James Lipton is one of my heroes.

  10. So my gym is in the same building as a bunch of medical offices, I assume for old people as the elevator is always full of old people, and one time I held the door for this little old man and he said “Thank you very much, young man” in the world’s most soothing voice and it was James Lipton. Things I noticed: He is tiny! Like maybe 5’4″? Maybe? He also seemed very frail, like he could barely walk, so I became more impressed with his performing longevity. May he last forever, beating people with a sack of batteries.

  11. That queen needs to do her eyes better with the bronzer.

  12. Anyone wanna let him know the prohibition is over? He seems to be hoarding all of the alcohol in New York

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