The YouTube comments for this video are about what you would expect. No one accuses the singer of being a gay retard, but someone does say that the video gave them cancer, and there are plenty of references to “sucking Johnny’s footballs” and getting one’s pussy “smashed” in the same way that this song was “smashed.” See also: AARP. But there is one bright light shining through the muck, and that is Tyler Corder’s comment: “I think she did a good job! She actually tried to be creative in showing her support through Youtube instead of doing either nothing or just voting in a poll.” This is a really good point, Tyler Corder! I think she did a good job too. And as you point out, she tried to be creative when by all accounts it would have been much simpler to just do nothing. That is pretty much always true. When it comes to doing something versus doing nothing, just in terms of energy expenditures, nothing is always easier. I’m not sure which poll you are talking about, or whether it’s true that polls are a common substitute for creative output, but she could have…just…taken a poll. Totally, man. I think she did a good job and I think Tyler Corder did a good job! He could have commented nothing or just linked to a poll. (Via

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  1. although I agree with the sentiment, allow me to play devil’s advocate.

    in that line of thinking people making horrible comments are being creative in their distaste, rather than just laughing to themselves and moving on.

  2. Scoobie Doobie DOOOoooooo

  3. I am for real always impressed when people have the chutzpah to put videos of themselves doing silly stuff on the internet. I mean, I am assuming we all do stupid shit all the time to amuse ourselves (like pretending to be a t-rex, for a perfectly acceptable and common example) but there is no way in hell I would put that out there. I mean, this lady and the sword guy and the gold bodysuit person ain’t give a care what anonymous people on the internet say, and honestly, that is great!* Good on you, guys.

    *it is less great when you are the racist library girl but at least you’re upfront about it I guess?

    • wait wasn’t sword guy secretly like a spike jonze music video or something? am i thinking of another sword guy? why is that a question that even needs to be asked?!

  4. The polls Tyler referred to are probably any of the many (ultimately meaningless) college football-focused fan opinion polls that exist on the interwebs.

    Also: Haha A&M, these are your fans. Hook em! \m/

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