This incredible new footage serves as a reminder that trampoline accidents aren’t always the trampoline accidents you expect — trampoline accidents can surprise you. More on this story as it develops.

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  1. When the one guy jumped on the roof I got very excited for this video. Quite the red herring that was. Well played, guy wearing a shirt, well played.

  2. You know how you never want to be the only black person in a horror movie? You also never want to be the Stupid Second Guy on a trampoline.

  3. At first I thought this was a new Krispy Kreme video.

  4. What a cute interracial gay couple!

  5. This isn’t the trampoline accident we deserve, but its the one we need right now.

  6. we laugh now, but cirque du soleil started out the exact same way. from the humblest beginnings arises the tightest of leotards…

  7. My comment is awaiting moderation? WTF?

  8. Bruce Willis was going to fall off the trampoline the whole time!


    This is the while reason I come to this site. This is the good stuff.

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