• Here is a picture of Rebel Wilson being manhandled in this month’s issue of Details. And here she is hanging out with a bunch of kangaroos. Both things sound pretty good to me! -ONTD
  • Guess who has another piece of Texas Toast in the toaster oven?? -Dlisted
  • Alison Brie can do The Charleston as demonstrated during her photo shoot for Nylon, which is the part we should focus on, and not the part where she claims not to know about The Dougie, because after all nobody’s perfect (I don’t believe her though). -HyperVocal
  • The Duplass Brothers are working together on a secret new project, that’s mostly all we know right now. -Splitsider
  • Chevy Chase called sitcoms “probably the lowest form of television” but now he made a TV commercial for Old Navy, which some might call the lowest form of TV commercial. It parodies Christmas Vacation too, which will probably make us mad. -/Film
  • Here’s a nice article about Maria Bamford written by a publication in her home state of Minnesota, when you want to read something a little longer. She tweeted it yesterday. I want to be her friend! -CityPages
  • Don Cheadle is back with more of his Captain Planet turning-people-into-trees shenanigans. Oh, Don. -FunnyOrDie
  • Daniel Day-Lewis sent Sally Field text messages in character as Abraham Lincoln because he likes her, he really likes her! -FilmDrunk
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  2. I like an Associate Editor whose first post features five shirtless dudes. Well played, Mary!

  3. with Mary Miller comes the ability to open Afternoon Links in new windows. this is something I can now go add to last week’s elmo post.

  4. links open new tabs!!!!!!!!

  5. Guys, what’s wrong with Chevy? Has he always been this much of a jerk? I remember when SNL started and he quit after one season, a lot of people thought he was a jerk, but is he really?

    • there’s a good story out there about Bill Murray punching him in the face upon his return to the set. I have yet to hear anything good about him personally. but i remain a fan.

    • truckasaurus, if you really want to know… visit any Slashfilm webpage about Chevy Chase/Community news and read the comments. Those people know EVERYTHING. #smart

      #seriouslythodontdothat #chevyseemstobechronicallydifficulttoworkwith

      • Excellent hashtags!! That’s the impression that I get which is a bummer because I have always been a fan. I guess we can all think of him as that racist uncle that you love for family stuff but, c’mon, racism.

        • That’s why it’s dangerous to meet your heroes. People can be the nicest people on the earth, like Adam Levine apparently, but you may not give a flying frisbee about his musical work, and by all accounts may find it terrible.

          Then you have people whose work you love who are the biggest assholes ever. Then there are plenty of people in the spectrum between the two. There are super-talented super-nice people, super-untalented super-assholes, etc.

          I’m more concerned with what you do with things when someone involved has done something super-fucked up later in their career? Naked Gun and OJ Simpson. Austin Powers and the actor that played Random Task kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman, etc. BLEH

          In that light at least Chevy Chase is just a grump and not dangerous to society.

  6. Idk what “Nylon for Men” is but that video of Alison Brie which I watched all of was kind of gross and mildly porny even? Not sure when actresses had to start licking their fingers for photogs, but I’m sure it was reeeeaaaalllly recently and until then there was no sexism, but still you know?

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