Keanu Reeves has been appearing in movies and TV shows for almost 30 years, since he was 20 years old, so you would think that by now he would understand that as a public figure people will regularly take photos of him. But I’m starting to get the sense that he just doesn’t realize it. Maybe someone should tell him! Let’s tell him! Whoever smelt it, telt it. Maybe, once he knows, he will decide that life is too short to be concerned with the ravenous consumption of the celebrity gossip community, and he will recognize that out of all the priorities one can choose for one’s life, ensuring that your airport baggage claim photos are polished and flattering is very, very low on the list indeed. But that will be his choice to make once presented with all of the information. For now: HELP HIM, GUYS, WHY ISN’T ANYONE HELPING HIM?! (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. He can help himself by getting a fucking personal stylist that will buy him jeans that fucking fit and don’t look like they’re from 1994.

    (I’m sorry that was unnecessarily catty I need to go get another coffee I’m sorry I’m sorry.)

    • He’s said in the past that he purposefully wears similar outfits constantly so that paps don’t have as much of a reason to snap his picture – who wants to buy pictures that could be from 2000 or 2012? He never ages or changes, haha.

    • Ugh. I think it’s refreshing that there’s at least one super famous actor who very transparently does not give one shit about his image. The gross thing is that I know this because everyone takes fucking pictures of him everywhere he goes.

      I’m sorry if this sounds cantankerous, but it’s an honest question. I’ve asked more or less the same question to a few handfuls of people and have yet to hear an honest answer:

      Why do you care what Keanu Reeves wears?

      • I can honestly give you some answers to that question. Honestly.

        1) After working 3 years in retail at a second hand clothing store I have become a vain and shallow person who judges people based on what they wear. That is JUST the truth.

        2) I legitimately think of fashion as art and am perpetually interested in what everyone wears, not just Keanu Reeves.

        3) If i had seemingly limitless amounts of money like Keanu Reeves, I’d be walking around in Alexander McQueen everything, fucking always. I get that he just got off a plane and is probably trying to be comfortable, but he can literally afford any fancy designer shit he wants so it astonishes me that he just wears nonsense crap from K-Mart.

  2. meow kitty has claws!!!

  3. I never understood the need to take pictures of celebrities (and this is coming from a guy who asks strangers if it’s okay to take pictures of their dogs). Like, why not just say hi or nod or something? I understand taking photos WITH celebrities but just random pictures of them walking around? It all just seems very dehumanizing to me. I sincerely don’t get it. Can someone help me understand it? No Judge-o

  4. So all three Matrix movies were on the other night. I watched them all. I still like the first one, but whoo boy! the other two suck.

  5. am i the only one who thinks he “gets it”?

  6. So this is a good opportunity for the internet to take this ‘Walking Keanu’ and throwing a ‘Strutting Leo’ next to him, right?

  7. There’s something wrong with your math, Gabe. Keanu cannot be nearly 50. If they’ve been taking pictures of him since he was 20, it’s only been 7 years because he will always be the age of Johnny Utah! We will all be young forever! Vaya con Dios! 100% pure adrenaline!

  8. This isn’t bad! I mean he’s almost fifty? If that guy were thirty and chatted me up at a bar, I would think, “Sort of cute, normal guy chatted me up at a bar.”

    (As I type this comment, I am wearing pajamas, glasses, and a blanket I share with my dog. I will brush my teeth after lunch.)

    • as i read this comment, i am jealous.

    • picture of dog plz.

    • Do you share your toothbrush with your dog? If I brushed my dog’s teeth, or the teeth of a dog I take care of reguarly, I probably would. Since I slip both of them tongue, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I also let my dog drink directly out of a waterbottle we share. I’m not getting into the sleeping arrangments.

      My girlfriend thinks I have boundary issues with dogs.

      • I’m not there yet. I’m pretty sure my dog pooped in the house and ate the evidence the other week, and it made me kind of wary of his mouth. Like I am not POSITIVE that happened, but if I think there was enough to prosecute if poop-eating by dogs were a crime.

        On a side note, I used my fiance’s toothbrush on accident while we were on vacation, and he was not happy. Luckily, we had packed him two toothbrushes (I had packed one, thinking he’d forgotten), so he just used the other one after that. I managed to accidentally use the spare toothbrush too, and he got kind of mad! Like it was an accident, man, and kind of funny, and also are we marrying each other or what?

  9. Maybe he wants a role on the walking dead

  10. “Hahahahahaha.” -Jon Hamm’s penis

  11. Whatever, Keenu will never not be a celebrity I feel like I’d be solid friends with without having a ton in common. Other celebrities I have odd, theoretical relationships with include Jeff Goldblum, who I would love to get stoned with.

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