What are you getting your pet for Christmas? I know I’m jumping the gun here and when the end of December rolls around I’m going to be kicking myself that I already blew the “what are you getting your pet for Christmas” topic, but what else am I supposed to talk about at the end of November? “Did you pet grow a mustache for mo’vember, and is he or she going to shave it off now?” “Did your pet enjoy Thanksgiving? Did you make him or her his or her own Thanksgiving dinner and what was in it?” “Is your pet allergic to pine trees?” I DON’T KNOW! What I do know is that we have a bunch of wonderful animal videos and one truly kind of horrifying one coming your way and I know you’re going to enjoy them, so let’s just skip all this talk and ROLL THE VIDS!

10. Cat Loses Balance

9. Bottle Jump FAIL!

8. Staying Warm By The Fire

7. Puppy Traffic Jam

6. Rolling Orangutan

5. Piglet Dances With A Balloon

4. Ping Pong With Kitten

3. Protective Mom

2. Jet Skiing Bulldog

1. Kangaroo Entering Mom’s Pouch

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not often that the best animal video of the week is the most horrifying, but things happen, and this week this one happened to be the one I sent to the most people on gchat, so here we are. I am so sorry. Life is beautiful. Everything else is just normal cute, but I do want you to meditate on that kangaroo for a bit longer. What if humans had pouches that hung off of their bodies? How many things could they fit in there? What if they forgot something in there for a while?

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  1. I think piglet with a balloon should be #1, but I really really really want a little piglet. And I will name him Hamlet, which I have now kind of learned is a pretty popular name for tiny house pigs. So I guess I will not get a piglet, I will instead just watch this video and daydream.

  2. I want to get my cat this for Christmas but I don’t think he’ll really get it

  3. Thanks, for asking , Kelly. I, myself did Movember this year, which was kind of a waste since I work form home and the only people who saw me wearing it were friends, family and the people who see me walking my dog. They probably didn’t even think twice that a guy walking a 5 lb dog was wearing a mustache. Oh well, at least I donated some money even if I wasn’t the best spokesperson for it. My dog could not grow a moustache –women dogs, amiright?– but I did see a dog with a, no foolin’, honest to glob, mustache the other day.

    I got my dog, and my parents’ dogs, obedience lesssons, I know no kid wants school for Christmas but they were expensive as and they can buy whatever they want with their Xmas money once they finish Dog College.

  4. My cats have plenty of toys, but I will say that Leela perked up when she heard the video of the kitten playing ping pong. So thanks, Kelly! I now have a gift for them after all!

  5. I’m getting my dog one of these and he’ll LIKE IT!

  6. I love that the bottle jump fail puppy walked off and played it cool right after. It was a very human reaction.

  7. I’m really ashamed of how long it took me to realize those were human hands steering the jet ski, not the dog using his paws.

    • I did the same thing. First I was like, oh nice, they made him some sort of doggie jet ski and attached it to a boat. Then, I saw that he had grip on the handle bars, and I was like… da fuc?

  8. I really want to play ping pong with that cat.

    Also, ping-pong cat got robbed.

  9. Really appreciate the at-home pet euthanasia ads on all the videos. Perfect placement, and after watching my own fat cat fall off a wall divider, may prove useful.

  10. I feel sorry for the mamma baboon. Among female baboons, there’s a high rate of baby kidnappings. No joke. Too bad tails are the human equivalent of a kid-leash.

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