While we don’t usually share content like this (zero trampoline accidents to be found, not a cute dog or baby in sight, clear intent), this video featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson caught my eye this morning. So often it’s easy to get caught up in the hubbub of the day-to-day — office politics, normal politics, messy relationships, work stress, the thought that you are not living up to your potential and probably never will, the pain of not being able to pin down why you can never get your French Press coffee to taste great — that we forget how meaningless it all is. We’re all just a bunch of bloops on a big bunch of dirty nothing (paraphrasing Neil deGrasse Tyson), so, you know, who cares? Stay home from work! Go to Europe! Climb a tree! Take a nap! Give someone you know and love a hug! Or, I don’t know, go to work! Make money! Spend it on something! Or save it! Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Someday we’ll all be dead, but right now we are all alive in this beautiful and horrifying world. Let’s not be stressed out so much, for real. And then other platitudes. Now one more platitude. And now we’re done! Goodnight! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Leave these big questions to Tim Allen, Neil. You’re in over your head.

    • I don’t understand why people consider Neil deGrasse Tyson to be a leading mind in his field. He didn’t even mention what tables are made out of, or what happens to steaks you ate for dinner.

  2. Stick figure death is the cutest thing ever. Also, ‘more poop!’ is our generation’s ‘more sand!’. MORE POOP!

  3. ’tis the season for existential angst #ups

  4. Oh, Neil. You make the harshest truths about the universe sound so reassuring.


  6. “the pain of not being able to pin down why you can never get your French Press coffee to taste great”

    I cannot express how much sympathy I have for you right now Kelly. Why didn’t I just swallow my pride and go for the drip!

  7. oh jeez. i’ve been getting enough of this on my commute, as i’ve been reading ‘Contact’. for some reason the [very real] idea that we are just brief inhabitants of a floating rock scares the shit out of me. it’s like a cosmic version of Fantastic Planet.

  8. 99.99999% of what Neil DeGrasse Tyson says is awesome.

  9. Hey,
    but within the vacuum of fundamental universal purpose. There is a limitless canvas of opportunity to create and apply your own purposes and to fill your life up with nearly infinite wonder and meaning. In not only infinite quantity or quality but also nigh infinite variation.

    So, that’s pretty cool, right? Pretty cool.

  10. That dude can draw fast, but then at the end he just tthrows up a picture of himself? Not very good at likenesses, are we Mr. Tyson?


  11. Sorry Neil, you’re full of shit! And I’m not even going to back that up!

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