I know that Kardashian related posts don’t do that well on this site because everyone WENT TO COLLEGE and thinks they are SUPERIOR TO REGULAR AMERICANS, but they are OUR ROYALTY, so why don’t you GET OVER IT and JUST HAVE FUN FOR ONCE. Seriously, guys, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is amazing. It’s like an entire series dedicated to those talking compost piles from Fraggle Rock. Besides, it is literally (maybe not literally) the biggest thing in the world right now. Don’t you at least want to be part of the conversation? Scott Disick was already in the “news” this week because his meatpacking Japanese restaurant, which was the focal point for one of my favorite episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when Rob was sad because he wasn’t going to have his sock line ready in time for Fashion Week and then he told Scott in his hotel room apology that he was sorry that he called him a bad father in front of his girlfriend but that he was just jealous of the success that Scott was having as an entrepreneur and a restauranteur while his sock line wasn’t even going to be ready in time for Fashion Week and then probably someone hurt Bruce Jenner’s feelings over something, but that meatpacking Japanese restaurant is closing. My favorite part of the Eater post on the closing was this: “Last month, the restaurant started selling cheesesteaks and waffle fries through a to-go window.” Ahhhhh! Hahahahha! “We are a fine dining establishment focused on traditional Japanese cuisine. But you might also enjoy our cheeseteaks and waffle fries, which we sell through a to-go window. What’s that? Yes, blaring house music is absolutely a Japanese dining tradition.” Look at Scott Disick’s dumb eyepatch. What a dummy. Hahaha. What a dumb dumb! Caption this photo. What do you think the eyepatch has to say about all of this? Poor eyepatch!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Which is better than dinner for two at Scott Disick’s restaurant. Or being Scott Disick. (Image Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Real story here Scott Disick is grabbing his penis in public right in front of his infant daughter, that explains the Kardashians in a nutshell

  2. that would make his pirate name Scott Dsick.

  3. So he only has to see half of Kourtney’s ugly pants?

  4. It’s official, he’s number 2.

  5. Gabe moved to LA and started liking the Kardashians. Hahahahahaha.

  6. “Yep, eyeball’s right where I left it.”

  7. “When you sustain a corneal abrasion due to a rousing game of polo, you simply must wear this velour monogrammed eyepatch by Langdon Donovan.” —Gwyneth

  8. Scott Disick learns from the mistakes of John Hamm

  9. “In the land of the douchebags, the one-eyed man is King.”

  10. Kourtney: Do you still have that tube of Glamour Tan in your pocket?
    Scott : Yarrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts.

  11. Keeping Up With The KARRRdashians

  12. American Psyclops.

  13. Now I won’t need to listen to Kim blather on, dammit this covers my eye

  14. Pirates of the Grabbapean?

    I’ll show myself out.

  15. I know we’re not all Redditors slapping the OP on the back, but “It’s like an entire series dedicated to those talking compost piles from Fraggle Rock” is incredibly funny.

  16. Scratch scratch scrrrrrratch!

    • The pirate joke’s been made, but why have we all decided he’s touching his penis when it’s much more likely he’s scratching his balls? (Unless that’s not what public ball-scratching looks like – I haven’t engaged before, so I’m not the best judge.)

  17. “Can’t remember which pirate accessory I wore today. Nope. apparently not the hook”.

  18. “Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes. Delete this picture? Yes.” – Photographer in the back.

  19. Classic Disick move, buying an eye pad instead of an iPad. What a dummy.

  20. No one on that show needs depth perception because they’re all 2-dimensional characters.

  21. his penis appears small. also, fuck him.

  22. Why aren’t either of them wearing Rob’s socks?? He is going to lash out like any normal man in his late 20s.

  23. My hair – Perfectly coifed
    Eye patch – Chic
    Baby’s hat – Stylin’
    Kourtney’s hair – Windblown beauty
    To complete the look of American Royalty I just need one minor adjustment…
    Eat your heart out, William and Kate.

  24. “I still can’t find my eye patch and I’ve looked… EVERYWHERE!!”

  25. “Scott Disick becomes spokesman for new line of Quiksilver boardshorts” – BBC News

  26. “My wiener’s itchy. Also, I’m the worst.” — Scott Disick

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