(Headphones up, I think!)

Totally no big deal either way, we definitely don’t even have to get into, but I was just wondering. (Via Hypervocal.)

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  1. To see her tits you first must remove her Technicolor Dreamcoat.

  2. She looks familiar!

  3. “I’m not here to lie to you but I AM here to tell you unnecessary, irrelevant and kind of gross details!”

  4. I was talking to my Mom the other day – she’s seen my balls (I’m not here to lie to you) – and you wouldn’t believe what her heating bill comes to in the winter.

  5. That’s your grandma. “Granny, please stop showing people your tits.”

  6. What is wrong with us, people?
    Are we that close to the edge, always?

  7. it makes sense! it does….i mean, if you wear a rug as a shirt, the likelihood of a vacuum cleaner man seeing your tits is almost 100%.

  8. What she didn’t say is that Vacuum Cleaner Guy showed her his assortment of hoses first.

  9. Is the Vacuum Cleaner Man related to the Lawnmower Man, by chance?

  10. The only reason anyone should watch Lawnmower Man pt II is for the following comedic jewel:
    “Incest! The game that the whole family can play!”

    Now that you know Lawnmower Man says that, while doing his best Jim Carey, feel free to thank me for saving two plus hours of your time.

  11. Why does she want to show everyone her tits? It must take her like half an hour to get out of all that yarn.

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