One day you could wake up after a night of bad sleep, one in a series of restless nights, only to find that there isn’t enough coffee left in the coffee grinder to make even one cup. “Oh, come on!” you’d think, “GIVE ME ONE BREAK!” You’d go on with your day, a bit drowsier than you’d like, hoping for the possibility that this lack of morning coffee might at least allow you to rest a little easier at night. (Though, if it does help, does that mean you should stop drinking coffee altogether?) (If so, and you know this is ridiculous, you’d prefer to have just one more bad sleep.) After the next night of sleep you kind of think was just as restless as they have been lately, you’d head towards the cabinet where you usually keep the coffee. “I know I should have just bought more yesterday, but I feel like if I just look around I could maybe find some in here.” You only half-believe the thought yourself, and reaching for the cabinet door feels almost foolish, but then — there it is. A crumpled up bag of coffee with a fair amount of coffee grounds left inside, previously abandoned due to not-so-good taste. “Sometimes life can turn around,” you’d think, a smile creeping across your face. And then you’d watch a video on the Internet of a guy who almost died and lost his job and then completely turned his life around, finding a new love and new work and even winning a car in the lottery, only to win so much more in the lottery during the filming of the lottery ticket reenactment, and you’d think, “This coffee is gross. I guess I’ll just go to a cafe.” (Via reddit.)

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  1. Sometimes life can turn around. When God closes a Kelly, he opens a Mary.

  2. Well I’ve won the lottery I have wif these here scratchies.
    You have have you?
    Well that’s just great after yew heed a heart atteek lest yeah!
    Yeah eet ees.
    Well I’ll be seeing yew.
    Yeah, later then mate!

  3. Just as it gets too cold to leave the house with wet hair in the morning, you wash it the night before expecting it to look like garbage in the morning because you slept on it damp. But then it looks great and everyone asks you what your secret is and you get to act all mysterious and your co-workers assume you hold some sort of magical key to an alternate hair universe and just like that the world is right again.

  4. Did you know Kleenex millionaire (lol) and very conservative Republican lawmaker Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI) won $270,000 in various lotteries in a ten year period? This video is the opposite of that.

  5. did this happen 18 years ago and the VHS of it just make it to the US?

  6. This is going to make me Cry-key.

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