It would feel wrong to begin talking about a scary prank on a TV show — in this case on the Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos — without noting that this prank is probably not much scarier than many of the pranks that were included on legendary scare prank show, Scare Tactics. That show was messed up, for real! (Also it was great.) I think I may have blocked out the specifics on a lot of the Scare Tactics pranks, but, like, the victims were very often placed in a secluded wooded area, right? Surrounded by people covered in blood, screaming? And then a little person dressed as a devil would jump out of the chest of somebody and he or she would be carrying an axe, and be like, “I’M GONNA MURDER YA!” And it would feel a little gross, and you’d think, like, why do they always have to include a little person in their scary pranks, as if to say both that little people are inherently scary for the victim and inherently funny for the viewer? Messed up! This prank is not like that, though, because this prank takes place in an elevator (an already scary place because of how you just know it’s going to break every time you’re in there), and they pull it on a lot of different people, only increasing the chances for someone to die during the prank, but they don’t, and I cannot believe that none of them do. Fuck this prank!

VERY COOL PRANK! What I love about it the most is how you really get how funny it is. Without the laugh track I would’ve been like, “Is this funny?” But with the laugh track I’m like, “This is funny.” Thank you, Programa Silvio Santos! I really thought I was up to my limit with elevator-based anxieties! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)

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  1. Are we sure this is from Brazil? No one in that clip was doing a Samba.

  2. I haven’t laughed that hard since watching this:

  3. I am not above saying I would have tried to beat that little girl to death with my shoes. Not that I am a proponent of beating children to death in usual circumstances, but elevator ghost children are the exception that proves the rule or something.

    • Yeah, they’re kind of lucky that little girl didn’t get brained. Or maybe she did and they just cut it out?

    • Can we talk about this a little more? Seriously, what was their gameplan here if someone HAD attacked the little girl?! It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possiblity that one of these folks would fear for their life and – in typical fight or flight fashion – beat the hell out of this kid. Shit could have gone real wrong here.

      Oh, never mind … I guess that’s what the laugh track is there for! HAHAHAHAHAHA deadly attacks on children as an inconvenient byproduct of an ill-conceived prank are hilarous after all!

      • The plan is that they don’t have one.

        I saw an episode of Scare Tactics where the scare was something like, picking up a hitchiker, finding out he has a bag full of heads, and him trying to “kill” the passenger in on the prank. Things got scary when someone in the front seat decided that when your friend in the back seat is under attack by a terrifying murderer, you try to fucking kill him. There was just lots of screaming and hitting.

      • I don’t think the elevator really moved at all (for example, the girl came in through the side of it) and that receptionist lady was probably standing by the door the whole time, and could have opened it quickly if needed. #partypoopergum

  4. I saw this last night and almost sent it in to but figured it would be on here today regardless so why waste the energy of lifting ONE MORE FINGER? I have to say I was laughing at this first because I love watching people fix themselves in mirrors and then because it was so not funny – just CRUEL. But the cruelness and insanity of it made me laugh and also the laugh track…haha they’re SCARED TO death everyone! Let’s laugh at them being scared to death!

  5. I prefer the elevator prank where the doors open to an empty shaft (a la Mad Men) and we all LOL at the people who aren’t paying attention and fall in.

    • Have you seen the one where they are in an elevator and the floor disappears to reveal a glass floor so you can see all the way down the shaft? Terrifying.

  6. And this is why I’ll never agree to take a meeting with James Wan.

  7. I don’t like when old people get pranked because I worry one of them may actually drop dead. Also, I’m pretty sure that creepy kid is a middle-aged Romanian woman.

  8. If they really wanted to scare people, why didn’t they just show them a picture of Silvio Santos’s man made face?

  9. This is unrelated, but I would just like to acknowledge that “There Is Nothing to Say About Liz & Dick” is the most commented post right now.

  10. There was an elevator like this in a haunted house on the strip. I went there on HALLOWEEN mwahahahahaha!!!!! They also had us walk through a room where young ladies were being held against their will. They were begging us to help them escape. Heeelarious. Wasn’t scared at all. Nope.

  11. I’m taking the fucking stairs today.

  12. My loins are frothing over that hot Brazilian receptionist.

  13. I’m sorry, even though if I was the one being pranked here I would probably have immediately dropped dead from fear and anxiety I just couldn’t help but laugh at those poor, poor people…I am a terrible person.

  14. They must have been told they were participating in SOME kind of filmed event, right? So they could at least have some kind of notice, like when you volunteer for a psych experiment and maybe you don’t know you’re going to fake-murder someone but you know you’re going to get manipulated in some way? I need to know that they didn’t think they were leaving their dentist’s office or something.

  15. Also, will someone please photoshop a banana sweater on this girl? What, do we not even care about Kelly anymore?

  16. I could have watched 8 hours worth of that prank. I hope that they reproduce it in every country of the world except that I doubt it would work in Japan, too hackneyed. And they should probably avoid really poor countries where there are no elevators and also countries that are devastated by war and famine, that would just be poor taste.

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