Guys! Guys! We have some very exciting news to share with you. The Videogum Family continues to grow as today we welcome our newest associate editor, Mary Miller. You probably know Mary best from her work on the really wonderful Tumblr, RatsOff!, which has been a go-to Videogum resource for years for the latest and most fun things that the Internet has to offer. Mary is going to bring her particular brand of expertise to the site, making sure that we have all of the coolest stuff that the kids want, as well as working with a new stable of freelance writers to widen and improve Videogum’s appeal. (On that note, please continue to send your submissions to and I am sorry we have not really gotten back to you on that but that is also one of the reasons that we hired Mary, in addition to the fact that she’s great.) She will also, of course, be filling in for Kelly in the event that Kelly is fired. All of this and more! A big and bright future await us despite the devastating loss of Mitt Romney!

Anyway, you can get in touch with Mary at, although only write to her there if you really have a reason to, and don’t be weird or a creep about it. She will also be sifting through your tips for hidden gems so keep those hidden gem tips coming. And please, please, I really mean it, please help us welcome her to the gang because we are very excited and happy to have her! (Image via Shutterstock.)

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  1. Welcome, Mary!

    • ALSO I don’t want to tell you how to do your jobs, but you and Kelly outnumber Gabe. I’m not saying that you should tie him up with tinsel garland and lock him in a closet and run amok on the site, but at the same time I am very pointedly not NOT saying that. *wiiiink*

  2. Welcome, Mary! iz u rely 6?

  3. So I should or shouldn’t ask Mary’s mom for recipes? Sorry, I lost my copy of Miss Leslie’s Internet Behaviour Book.

  4. Welcome! As a gift, I have written this haiku:

    At Videogum,
    Trampoline accidents and
    Hating on Gwyneth

  5. Welcome Mary! Do you like Adventure Time?

  6. Welcome! I look forward to your entertaining distractions as I avoid my thesis.

  7. Wait a second. Who is this Gabe guy? How long has he been here?

  8. Hi Mary! I’m gonna get confused because as a gay man I call everyone Mary!

  9. Welcome, Mary! Your 90 day probation period starts….


  10. For future reference, what’s the time frame in which it is acceptable to photoshop Mary into stuff?

  11. I welcome you, sort of, with this jpg of me doing the McKayla Maroney face:

  12. willkommen!

  13. HEY Mary! DON’T FUCK up or TEST us.

    OTHERWISE I look forward 2 the LOLs!

  14. Hi Mary Miller! I don’t know if this is you but I did I google image search for your name and I found this and made it for you I hope you like it.

  15. Keep the Blingee train rolling!

  16. hats off to ya

  17. Hi Mary, welcome!

  18. this is how imagine her face upon finding out she got the job:

  19. Mary is my mother’s name; I shall call you Ms Miller.

  20. HI MARY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  21. Ooh Girl, Let’s Dance

  22. Hi everyone!!!!! Thank you so much for your welcome, I’m so excited and really honored to be here!!! As Gabe said, please keep all those gem tips and submissions coming. Oh, and you are exactly right about my face when I got the job! This was also my face:

  23. Hi Mary!!!!!! Welcome welcome fahoo ramus! Welcome welcome dahoo damus!

  24. Hi Mary!! Welcome!

    • Mary I wanted to make you a really good image to welcome you, but I was under a deadline and in the middle of a REAL LIFE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. And the miracle worked out!!! And your name is Mary!


      (I googled Mary and got this image, which now makes me nervous… or excited!! We need more Illuminati-based coverage!!!)

  25. Hi Mary! (I want to get in good just in case there is an editor uprising and Mary proves victorious!)

  26. Whoa! Late to the party, but hello Mary! Welcome!

  27. Welcome, Mary! Are the you same Mary Miller who graduated Ball State with my husband in 1982?

  28. Hi Mac Miller, I love your raps, just kidding he is the worst, welcome Mary

  29. Hi Mary! Welcome to the party!

  30. Welcome Mary! You’re gonna do so great.

  31. Welcome, Mary!

  32. “Mary Mary, why ya bloggin’”

    I’m sorry that was terrible. Welcome, Mary Miller!

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