Just in time for the holidays, the team at Je Shirt Company has released TWO different Jay Leno as Che Guevara t-shirts (Jay Guevara and Che Leno, respectively, obviously) at the possible ruination of their own families. Save their families!

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  1. “Dreams do come true!” – Che Guevara, from the afterlife

  2. Received mine yesterday but it came in denim? Je Shirt has yet to get back to me.

  3. Where can I get a Conan O’Che shirt?

  4. This once again raises the age-old question of faith and existence, “Why is there something in place of nothing?”

  5. I love the marketing angle of “I made two horrible t-shirts, please buy them or my family will die”. I can’t wait for their Christmas release of “Sheenboard Cat” / “Keyboard Charlie” shirts.

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