• Funny or Die produced a Thanksgiving special with Larry David. HOW APPROPRIATE! How wonderful! Let’s watch it! -HyperVocal
  • Would you like to know five reasons for why Life of Pi is a risky film? Want to guess some of the reasons? One of my guesses is that it’s risky because of how boring it looks but let’s see together! -TheWeek
  • Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Liz and Dick. Which is on THIS WEEKEND! Oh man. That is going to be the best, I really am very excited about it. -Dlisted
  • David Rees, author of the wonderful How to Sharpen Pencils and mind behind Get Your War On, wrote about a bunch of records for Insound.com. Would you like to read about what he has to say about music? Why not! -Insound
  • Want to listen to a special extended Thanksgiving version of FilmDrunk’s podcast? Don’t answer that! Don’t answer that because I won’t be able to know what your response is and also I don’t care, here it is! -FilmDrunk
  • One thing I missed in the tiny bit of the Judd Apatow Serious Jibber Jabber episode that I watched was that Judd Apatow has written an episode of the Simpsons that the Simpsons are going to produce? Whaaaaa -SlashFilm
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  1. Thank you for these links but I am diligently working today, working super hard, and not killing time at all. No time for links until the long weekend begins in six hours. Hahahah, just kidding, Happy Thanksgiving, monsters!

  2. What do you mean, long weekend? Does this mean there’ll be no new Videogum until monday?! Arrhg, you Americans!

  3. I think anyone can write a Simpsons now, they need fresh ideas.

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