Have you guys seen that clip that’s going around today from Russel Brand’s TV show Brand X? Where he invited some Westboro Baptist Church Members to be on his show? And had them explain their hateful beliefs? And then he brought out some gay men? And everyone tried very hard to speak to each other civilly, but it ended up going exactly the way you would expect? That is: Horrifically? And it’s pretty confusing and hard to watch, even though there are some odd laughs? You guys seen that clip? Pretty fun clip! Love those guys! Hope to hear from them always, on all the comedy shows. Anyway that clip has nearly nothing to do with today’s caption contest, which, as you can see, is a very easily Thanksgiving themed and not forced at all, in honor of the second day of Thanksgiving Work Week. Russel Brand! Out on the town! Looking like he 100% knows other people can see him, surrounding by Thanksgiving! But WHAT IS HE THINKING? (“Oy, whut’s Thanksgiving, mate?” – Russel Brand) Winner will receive special thanks at this week’s pretend Videogum dinner table. (Original photo via TheSuperficial.) (Updated photo via A Genius.)

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  1. Get stuffed, Russell.

  2. “Uhh, let’s turn back.” -The Pilgrims

  3. “can we awl agree vat my Arthur remake was rubbish?” – that’s where he should’ve established some common ground between WBC and the gays. I believe that’s where Hillary started with Hamas and Israel.

  4. Russel Brand, the original John Mayer.

  5. “Whether or not I am a walking dildo, I am perceived to be a walking dildo, inn’it?” —Russell Brand

  6. In bowling, that picture would be at least 240 points, as you have three turkeys in a row.

  7. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s hope that blanket is infected with smallpox.

  8. what’s he going for with this look? Plymouth Rock Star?

    E! Network, if you’re reading this I am available and not above writing for Fashion Police/

  9. That turkey’s real fowl.

    What am I still doing here? I forgot my coat. Oh there it is.

    Okay, I’m gone for the week for real this time. Happy holiday, everyone!

  10. “Goboo Goboo”

  11. Dress like an Elmer Fudd/Jesus Ghost = got to bang Katy Perry and makes millions of dollars
    Dress like a normal guy = working late on a Power Point, while straining think of a cutting put down of the Elmer Fudd/Jesus Ghost

    Social Norms, you’ve made a powerful enemy today.

  12. Obligatory.

  13. Even without George Lucas the new Star Wars look like shit.

  14. Ugh, why aren’t we done with this guy yet?

  15. I want to insult Russell Brand. I really do. But today, he’s the guy fighting the good fight. Happy Thanksgiving, Russ.

  16. Well, this is much better than the last celebrity Thanksgiving Day card I got.

  17. Dudes. He goes to the same trippy yoga classes I take in Hollywood. He looks like he was on his way to stretch and meditate. Glad his leg-warmers match his “shirt”. Whew!

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