The key to not getting hit by no busses or trains is to always have a sports mascot follow your every move and usher you to safety in between turnstile dance breaks. But if you don’t have a sports mascot of your own, simply remember the lyrics to this simple, three-minute, 11-part rap. Easy peasy. Those busses and trains won’t know what didn’t get hit by them. Safety second! (After rapping and dancing, which are both first.) (Thanks for the tip, JCA.)

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  1. I expected to see Gob & Franklin in a rap video about riding Marta

  2. This is OK, not as good as the London Underground’s safety video, “Mind the Rap.”

  3. Laugh all you want, but if this saves even one life it was worth it. Ok, maybe it isn’t worth one saved life. 20 lives? Would that make this acceptable?

    • I think we’re the only people who watch these? Here at Videogum. Not sure how else they’re distributed. Maybe some of us are in Atlanta, I guess.

  4. It’s great how they violated step 9 during step 11.

  5. this is the first thing from Atlanta that Tyler Perry hasn’t been involved in since New Coke.

  6. I was really hoping this would be “Dumb Ways to Die,” which is the best.

  7. I was surprised that they were doing the “Scarn” to learn about bus safety.

  8. I prefer the original

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