NBC has put up the full version of Liz’s embarrassing first commercial for a phone sex line, seen on last week’s 30 Rock, so no more pausing/rewinding/replaying (everyone’s been doing that, right?) It’s funnier than what we saw on TV, mainly because of TINA’S FAKE LAUGHTER:

“That’s not even enough numbers!” I could listen to Tina Fey do a fake-girl-laugh on a constant loop for, hmmm, fifteen minutes (which is actually a long time.)

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  1. That screengrab alone is golden.

  2. Please, no suicide calls…

  3. I love that they mentioned Schaumburg…

  4. that ain’t Chicago style pizza!

  5. that extra ad preceding it had jenna’s voice, but a different actress. weird.

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  7. HA! Schaumburg!! LOLZ!

    “get on the phone and then get off…. but not off the phone, we don’t mean… the other kind.”

    and trevormail is right, that ain’t Chicago style pizza, there’s no folding–you eat that with a fork!

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