At this point in our bright, beautiful youth, the opportunities to laugh at those who are older and somewhat “out of touch” are abundant. “Grandma sent me another email with 100% of the text in the subject line again.” “Oops, mom posted a private message on her Facebook wall!” “No, Uncle Joe, you SWIPE THE SCREEN. SWIPE! SWIPE IT, UNCLE JOE.” “Ugh, you didn’t delete the computer, it’s just a screensaver.” Hahah. I could go on and on with these things that are, honestly, at this point mostly outdated. (Who is the out of touch one now?!) But do rest assured that at some point — some point that is racing towards you at a speed much faster than the speed you are currently imagining — you will be the one laughed at by the next generation of iYouths. “I saw Aunt Kelly trying to USB the iLock on her external opti-Shoes this morning. Ha-ha-ha! She would lose her brain chip if it weren’t surgically implanted!” “NO MOM KELLY, YOU THINK. YOU JUST THINK ABOUT IT. ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT IT?” So remember that when you are laughing at those who fail to all-the-way grasp how to interact with our increasingly ridiculous advances in technology. Remember it when you are laughing at this newscaster.

HahahahaHAAAAAAAA. This is very funny, though. All of it is very good. (Via ClipNation.)

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  1. i believe he is what the french call ‘les incompetent’

  2. If I had to deal with any sort of touch screen in my life I would be even worse than this guy. #GrandmaCatweazle

  3. This guy would get destroyed in The Situation Room.

  4. It’s totally okay to laugh at people who can’t figure out the grocery store self-checkout because they’re holding everyone up and should have just gone through the normal check out line. Those jerks are fair game!

    • To be fair, half the time the grocery store self check-out is evil and vindictive. stop telling me there is an unidentified item in bagging area! it’s my effing reusable bag! stop not being able to swipe! why does it take 20 extra steps to pay with a card. Stop scanning everything.

      • stop scanning everything twice*

      • I hate shopping at stores that don’t have self checkout*. Even Home Depot has self checkout. Come on Target, get with the program!

        *As someone with OCD, the less people that have to manhandle my groceries, the better.

        Also, I would like to take this time to mention that I saw a little girl licking a yogurt, and then her mom instructed her to put it back. This may be my OCD logic, but – you lick it, you buy it!

        • Nah, I am pretty sure that’s just common sense logic there!

          • Thanks. It can be hard to tell when I am over-worrying something. I said something to the mom like, “I wouldn’t want to be the one to buy that after she licked it.” The mom laughed and said that there are a lot of germs at Target, so she’s not worried about it.

            I should have licked her groceries to see if she would still feel that way.

  5. The “You Might Also Like” thing has a story about a furby and there’s something I want to share with you all. I recently flew on Qantas airlines and their security pamphlet in the plane seat-back pocket lists a very strict no furby policy. Sorry it’s so big:

  6. I laughed but I still don’t know how to listen to FLAC files.

  7. I took a look at his minority report card, and this guy is failing all his classes! ;) (I know that was the worst.)

  8. Is this a thing on the news now? Touch screens for the reporters? The news should invest money in better graphic design, but stick to the technology they currently use to pull up the information.

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