Good luck. (Via IHeartChaos.)

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  1. I like him better with black hair:

  2. In his defense, he only grew that hair to distract you from that God awful tie.

  3. Blond, James Blond.

    Ahh? Ahh? ¯\(°_o)/¯

    What’s that, I can take the rest of the week off after that? Wow, thanks! See you next week, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Daniel Craig, thank you for this. I am going to have this printed, poster sized, and frame it, and hang it on my wall where it will bring me great joy. You are a treasure, Daniel Craig. A treasure.

    • You must be friends with my good friend who has a framed picture of early teenaged me in which I am wearing a sweatsuit while also rocking a perm, headgear, and old lady glasses.

      I like to think that I am a treasure too.

  5. Get that guy a barber – LeSTAT!

  6. Pretty much my high school yearbook photo.

  7. Great. Now I have 100 problems.

  8. He looks like Lucius Malfoy.

  9. [image][/image]

  10. I can only imagine how thankful he is that the Twilight series didn’t exist in the 90′s since he would have obviously been in the movies as a supporting character. Then again that doesn’t explain his absence from Interview with a Vampire. This a mystery of Guy Fieri catering level proportions.

  11. Was he auditioning for Singles? He probably didn’t get the part since he’s wearing a tie instead of a flannel shirt.

  12. November 20th, 2012: The Day the Lady-Boners Died

    • Watch the Bond ep of the Graham Norton Show. There are way worse pics of Daniel Craig that are thrown about… long before his later-in-life hotness started to set in. It was incredibly funny. I like that Graham Norton scamp.

  13. Sweet Jesus he looks like my friend’s dad. Does he look like your friend’s dad too? Does he look like YOUR dad?

    My dad is Korean, but he did rock a fro when I was a newborn. There are very few remaining pictures, and I like to think this is because he was more ashamed of his hair than he was proud of his baby.

  14. this is the type of look I expect to come from a guy with 2 first names.

  15. This is a coward move, Gabe. Exactly like Naomi Watts creating another copy of the VHS tape at the end of the RIng.

  16. I can’t look away

  17. It puts the lotion in the basket.

  18. Pictured: Daniel Craig wearing a wig from the Billy Zane Collection.

  19. There can only be one Highlander.

  20. Not to be all Daniel Craig Fan Club about it, but this is a production still from a ’90s-era BBC series “Our Friends In the North,” not just Bond 6.0 chillaxing in a bad tie and wig. Speaking of the horrible tie, I believe this particular one was from the epsiode set in 1970.

  21. here he is with Dr Who.

  22. ugh. i weirdly enjoy how gross this picture is.

  23. How come guys never know how to grow their hair long? Are they all in the dark about regular trims? Split ends? Conditioner???

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