As we join our families for the upcoming holiday it’s easy to slip into a sense of security — away from your prankster roommates, taking a break from the Internet that consistently spoils your stories, hell, simply out of the world that embarrasses you at every turn, if only just for a few hours. It can feel like a wonderful little pause, a moment to catch your breath and recharge. Remember that this feeling is false. You are never safe. Trust no one. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Before we move on and forget that this ever existed, I would like to point out that:

    A) You cannot do a successful trust fall with only two people catching, which is fairly obvious if you understand physics even a little bit; and

    B) Bros aren’t sitting around doing filmed trust falls for no reason. I call shenanigans. FRAUDULENT shenanigans.

    • “Dude! Let’s film everything we do just in case something awesome happens!”

    • I assumed they were put up to it by the laughing lady on the couch for her own sadistic amusement. Because that’s probably what I would do if anyone in my family listened to anything I say. DANCE FOOLS, DANCE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • Yes totally. This is a version of my family Christmas in an alternate universe, including the amount of alcohol consumed by everyone involved. Ah family holidays….the season is here.

  2. Is this a scene from the new ABC Family Original Movie: Christmas Concussions?

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