Today marks the first day in 2012′s Thanksgiving Work Week, one of the most wonderful Work Weeks of the year, and what better way to celebrate it than with a nonsense Thanksgiving-themed post on a pop culture blog? I cannot think of one better way! I am trying! I am really trying and I can’t! Many of you are probably travelling to all sorts of places this week to be with family, or staying in whatever place you’re in and having a “friendsgiving” which you will document endlessly on social media, or getting a Gobbler from Wawa and watching TV you need to catch up on, but what if you could do what you actually wanted to for a change? You know what I’m talking about! #EATINGDINNER #WITHCELEBZ What if you could gather up a bunch of celebrities you’ve never met, transport them away from their families, and force them to eat a Thanksgiving meal with only you and each other? Which ones would you pick for this perfect dream?!

Ryan Gosling: Can you pass any of the food?
You: Not until you say it.
Ryan Gosling: Please, can you just be reasonable? I’m not leaving — you have made that very clear — but I am very, very hungry. We’ve been sitting here all day.
You: We’ll eat when you say it.
Ryan Gosling: Ugh, fine. Will you marry me?

Plz leave your perfect Thanksgivings in the comments and feel free to play this delightful game at any Thanksgiving dinner you may attend. “Grandma, literally no one cares about Devon Sawa anymore.” “But I love all the Final Destinations!”

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  1. Oh man, I have been planning for this all my life. Tilda Swinton, James McAvoy, Stanley Tucci, Bette Midler, and Wishbone.

  2. These guys:

  3. just charlie gibson

  4. Five clones of Christina Hendricks and a fuck ton of wine.

  5. But Kelly, is Guy Fieri catering your dream Thanksgiving or isn’t he?

  6. I’m so excited! There are too many people to choose. Oh man what if I fuck it up? Guy Fieri.

    • Nooooo!!!!!!

    • George Clooney and 1960s Peter O’Toole and the Treasure Buddies and the Obamas.

      • Since you didn’t mention The Rock, I’m going to have him at mine, but just as a manservant. I will also invite Penn Badgley so I can good-naturedly mock his outfits/hair and make him act out scenes from Gossip Girl for our amusement. Jason Segel and Michelle Williams can come and be the adorable couple who we all talk shit about when they leave because we’re jealous. And of course Chiwetel Ejiofor will be there as my date. And the whole thing will be catered by the owner of the haunted toaster.

  7. I’d have the entire cast of Parks & Rec over and we’d just talk about life, you know? I feel like that’s a group of folks who know what’s cool about life.

  8. Conan O’Brien and Amy Poehler for the funny. Cillian Murphy and Chloe Sevigny for the weirdness. Ryan Gosling for the pretty.

  9. Kristen Bell (and Dax Shepard), Tim Gunn, Louis C.K., Enrico Colantoni, Aziz Ansari

  10. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Amy Poehler, Neil Gaiman, Maureen Johnson, Sunita Williams…can we bring people back from the dead? Because that adds a LOT more to the list.

  11. Topo Gigio
    Donovan McNabb
    Jake the dog
    Hunter S Thompson
    The one girl I ever loved
    Annie Clark
    Bo the Pomeranian
    Chris Rock
    Steve Winwood
    A baby panda
    Corey Booker
    The monsters
    The Munsters
    Gabe and Kelly
    Rod Serling
    Ellen DeGeneres
    My grandma
    Season 6 of The Wire

  12. Vincent Gallo is holding them all hostage.
    Peter Krause is trying to reason with him, to no avail.
    Ryan Gosling is tense, about to spring into action with a left hook. With his eyes, he is trying to tell you not to move.
    Elizabeth Olsen is desperately, silently pleading for help.
    Louise Belcher has just caught sight of either the FBI coming to the rescue, or Vincent Gallo’s torture accomplishes, I haven’t decided.

  13. The sneezing red panda.
    A pygmy goat that headbutts puppies.

  14. Agent Cooper
    Dream (Morpheus)
    Lizzy Caplan
    Brian Huskey
    Julie Klausner
    Allison Brie
    Larry David

  15. Eddie Vedder, Nate Silver, Norm MacDonald, Kristin Bell, Craig Ferguson, and Juan Monaco.

  16. Terry Pratchett, H. Jon Benjamin, Jackson Publick, and my best friend Malinda.

  17. Amy Poehler, Joe Biden, Chris Hardwick, Morten Harket, Brian Keene, Rik Mayall. Phoebe Cates, Allison Brie, and everyone from Talking Heads except David Byrne.

    (Fine, David Byrne can come, but he has to sit at the kids table with all the Romney sons.

  18. 1) History’s greatest wingman, Joe Biden
    2) Emma Stone

    Although I would also welcome the girls of Space Camp and special guest Joaquin Phoenix, successfully medicated Lark Voorhies, Spongebob, Bruce Campbell +1, and any ten monsters (bring wine).

    And Jewel.

  19. Turn over to ESPN right now to see an interview with Sam Gordon. Adorable lever: infinite.

  20. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and RuPaul!

  21. GUYSSSSS, I know no one will read this, but whatever! Today was my first day at my new job!!! Yay! It went really well! Everyone was super cool and very happy to answer my questions and whatnot! Huzzah!

  22. Skyler
    Connie Britton

  23. This is way too late and I know that no one will read it, but I have been making this list in my head for years and I will be damned if I do not get to share it at the only time it will ever be appropriate and only semi-weird.

    Tina Fey (no doy)
    Amy Poehler
    Connie Britton
    Lauren Graham
    Paul Rudd
    Louis CK (though he makes me nervous)
    Mindy Kaling
    Drew Barrymore (She wouldn’t show up without marijuana if you catch my drift)
    Ryan Gosling (no doy redux)
    Tom Hanks (party dad!)
    Emma Stone

  24. I can’t do this. My ideal celebrity Thanksgiving guest list begins with me welcoming all my favorite male actors and ends with me waking up with all of them in my bedroom the next day. Food coma? I hope not.

  25. Do I have to cook for these people, or can I request that they each bring a dish so I don’t have to do anything?

    Felicia Day
    Gene Kelly (can we invite dead people? we can, right?)
    Daniel Craig
    the Queen’s Corgis
    and Jamie Oliver, if he’s cooking


    Andy Dwyer
    April Ludgate
    Joe Biden
    Gillian Jacobs
    Sufjan Stevens
    Idris Elba
    Daniel Bryan
    Blake Griffin
    Sarah Vowell to give us all kinds of interesting, funny and depressing Thanksgiving history while we eat

  27. Not one mention of the Cumberbatch. Videogum commenters, I thought I knew ye.

  28. Tim and Eric with Bob Odenkirk and a side of John C. Reilly.

  29. The Obamas (this would make my parents SO uncomfortable. It would be glorious)
    Dane Reynolds
    Pau Gasol & Metta World Peace
    Tim Gunn
    Conan O’Brien & Andy Richter
    Mike D & Adrock
    Danny McBride
    Anthony Bourdain
    Dave Grohl
    Henry Rollins
    Amy Poehler
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Rachel Maddow
    Michael K. Williams
    Chris Pratt

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