Twenty-seven animals (mostly horses, chickens, and sheep) are in Heaven now, wondering why their last few months on Earth got so weird all of a sudden. :(

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  1. “The first horse to die, he said, was a miniature named Rainbow.”

    Well, I can never be happy again. Thanks, Kelly.

  2. Is that just for the first one? If so, I’m really happy they decided to stretch this out unnecessarily, for extra deaths pending.

  3. Why did I click this link during my lunch? Dammit. :(

  4. I feel bad for the horses. The chicken and sheep were probably destined for someone’s belly anyway, so at least they got their shot at stardom.

  5. I read this before I went back to bed and had a dream I was in this movie, but really it was a movie about people walking around New Zealand discussing the dangerous side effects of fracking. My dream was significantly less depressing than the reason I had it.

  6. Isn’t it the wrangler’s job to ensure the safety of the animals? Like, their entire job? Excuse me while I just go not do my job for a couple years and then sue my employer for me not having done it right before our next product launches

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