Aw, jeeze. Well. That wasn’t very good! The opening monosong isn’t available online but, for those of you who saw it on Saturday, it certainly went a bit over-the-top (sometimes unintentionally) with recognizing Jeremy Renner’s lack of comedic skill. (For those of you who did not see it on Saturday, it was composed of Jeremy Renner singing a few songs about different movies he’s starred in, all beginning with a false start when his piano was not mic’ed — leading him to a bit too-earnestly admit that he didn’t know why he agreed to do any of this.) (His singing voice was good!) (He was charming!) (ANOTHER SONG MONOLOGUE, I HOPE THEY NEVER END!) The rest of the episode was spent watching Jeremy Renner will give it a good shot and generally miss, but, in keeping with the sports metaphor, it rarely mattered how well he shot because the game…was…n’t good? No one was getting their shots into wherever they intended them, because the sports manager forgot to put out all the goals and the other team is already home eating ice cream. Makes sense? The sketches were just not very good! For example, upon seeing the intro to another The Californians, my friend and I both screamed “NOOOO!” at the television and then, as it turns out, that reaction wasn’t even harsh enough. Fred Armisen giggled his way through, which is often charming and something I even enjoy, but when the sketch is so otherwise unenjoyable (which is was) it’s hard not thinking, like, “Well, I’m glad THEY’RE enjoying it.” And then you feel lame for thinking such a lame thought. “What are you even laughing at?” There are two sketches available online that were cut from the show, this Thanksgiving-themed sketch and, more importantly, this Guy Fieri “Weekend Update” appearance — “more importantly” because I think, if you’re a person who tries to predict what is going to be on SNL, that is probably something that you would’ve predicted. CONGRATS! You were only half wrong! Now let’s talk about some sketches!

Aside from the fact that it made me feel gross and terrible, as the whole Petraeus scandal has, like some gross-terrible peeping schadenfreude Tom, I think the Booknotes cold open was well done. To say the cold open went on a bit too long for a sketch with one joke would be like saying, I don’t know, the sun got too bright when I flew to the sun and stuck my eyeballs in it, but at least the one joke was well done and well performed. I approve of this cold open.

The second Petraeus-based sketch of the night, the Situation Room, was ooooook. Jeremy Renner was I think good in it? Either he was good or he was oddly terrible but in a way that worked. Either way!

The third Petraeus-based sketch, Weekend Update’s “Winners/Losers,” started off a bit shaky but eventually found its ground and was enjoyable. Which Petraeus-based bit was the best, do you think? YOU BE THE JUDGE! I DON’T KNOW! (Also Chris Christie had his own Weekend Update segment which was charming enough.)

The Avengers sketch should’ve been limited to a 4 second TGS flashback on 30 Rock.

This week’s kind of digital short, “The Stand Off,” was cute enough. Very, very long. It probably should’ve been half as long as it was. But.

What was Bill Hader doing in the “Coroner” sketch? Why was everyone acting up tonight? You’re all grounded. Everyone is grounded. We are also grounded, let’s go to bed.

The premise behind the tourism ad was a good one and it had a bunch of good lines. It never seemed to hit very well, for me at least, but one can at least appreciate the premise and the fact that it is ALMOST THANKSGIVINGGGGG!

I pretty much loved the drones cartoon. More cartoons! MORE CARTOONS!

And, finally, Maroon 5 performed and were so, so bad. I’m sure they are all probably very nice people, and I am just so proud of them!, they’re really doing it!, but I do not understand why, with all of their money and fame, they can’t have their songwriters write better songs for them. Also they all wore the same outfits for some reason. You can go find their clips yourselves if you want to! I wouldn’t recommend it!

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  1. I thought this one was good! Until everybody completely ran out of ideas with only 40 minutes of episode written and then had to keep going.

  2. Nice to see Adam Levine taking time off from being a judge on a second rate singing contest show to do some third rate singing for his fourth rate band on a fifth rate episode of SNL…..there are six things I’m mad about, and I’m taking over.

  3. I thought it was just OK. It bugged me that they had Cecily Strong play both Paula Broadwell AND Jill Kelley. She made a great Jill Kelley but why not put Kate McKinnon in a brown wig and have her play Broadwell? She’s got the big blue eyes. It was just a dissonance that bothered me more than something on SNL should have. Jeremy Renner was good. They did not give him good material but he did his best with what he had.

  4. Why didn’t they just have Adam Levine host it? His cameo was the only good part of the Standoff bit, and I think he’s been good in another digital short.

  5. I liked the standoff segment, but everything else was meh.

  6. I felt bad for Jeremy he looked so nervous and was really bad at readying queue cards and his comedic timing was totally off – but he does have a nice voice and he is adorable. I skipped the Maroon 5 songs because they’re music literally hurts my ears, but Adam Levine literally makes my eyes sparkle, so his cameo was a jolt to my heart.

    • Also Chris Christie was NOT funny and was surprised he could fit in the building. He should not have quoted Atlantic City from Sprinsteen’s classic album Nebraska because Springsteen hates him as he does all horrible republicans.

  7. Adam Levine, you are no Justin Timberlake.

  8. This was the worst episode of SNL I’ve ever seen. Was the entire cast out at New York’s Hottest Club last night?

    This weekend’s episode asks the question “How did Lorne Michaels let this happen?”

    • hyperbolic post deserves a kick in the ass. Really? Worst ever? How many episodes have you seen? There are like three out and out lousy SNL episodes every season. Do people already forget when January Jones hosted?

  9. Does anyone have a GIF of the Jill Kelley dramatization? That made me laugh heartily enough.

  10. Nothing to say except “I pledge allegiance to your booty, girl” was a lifeboat in a sea of shit.

  11. I liked this episode. Jeremy Renner seems like a nice guy and really played the dummy characters (Hawkeye without arrows, the morgue) well. He was a really good sport! Anne Hathaway gives off that grating kid from your high school drama class who is always insisting on Fosse jazz hands — even in non-jazz situations — vibe. Renner, however, gives off the “yeah, I can do that. Sure, why not?” good-natured vibe. He was cute and into it without overacting, which is the most you can hope for given the material at hand.

    Also the joke about getting more information about People’s Hottest Man of the Year by asking your wine-drunk aunt had me giggling all weekend.

  12. I think i must have fell asleep halfway in an woke up because i don’t remember some of these

  13. No mention of the best skit of the night – Sudeikis’ potentially best-acted skit. The extra in the new Renner movie. I thought that was the highlight.

    Also, the first 30-40 minutes of the show were possibly the worst of the last five years. Just terrible. Completely terrible. Sorry. But they were.

  14. Morgana Summers  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012 -16

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  15. I don’t know what was wrong with Jeremy’s piano during the monologue, but I don’t think I’d describe it as “not being mic’ed.” There were mics all over the stage that would pick up at least a hint of the piano, what with pianos tending to be loud and all. That thing was making no noise at all.

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