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  1. He was on Suburgatory a few weeks ago, when I happened to be trapped in a hotel with only cable to entertain me. It was TBS very funny.

  2. Dr. Katz remains my favorite tv show of all time.

    • You should check out it’s not squigglevision but it’s close.
      How do you feel about Newhart?
      I watched the Dr Laura episode of Frasier the other day and it’s one of his strongest. Frasier actually came off as likable.

      • Explosion Bus is pretty good! I have a few more episodes to watch to get caught up…

        Never really seen any Newhart…

        That is a good Frasier ep!

  3. The Youtube comments are VERY amazing:

    not very professional he sounds exactly like Bob

    Wow he sounds like Bob!

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