So obviously what we’re looking at here, on the surface, sounds pretty bad or at least not for us: A show on the CW about a young girl in New York who has a book club with her mom and grandmother. I’m already asleep even though I am not actually asleep at all and am at work, completely awake. But, uh, hold on a sec — just stay with me for one sec here — is it going to be bad? From The Hollywood Reporter:

The CW is opening up a new chapter in its development. [Ed Note: Nice.]

The network has given script orders to Book Club, a drama about a young New Yorker who starts a book club with her mother, grandmother and friends.

Based on the documentary from Hope Hartman, the drama centers on Emma, a 23-year-old New Yorker who forms a club with her three unique friends, her career-oriented mother and her eccentric grandmother. The project would follow their adventures, loves, losses and careers as seen through the “book of the week,” which serves as a thematic mirror reflective of their lives.

“Sometimes I feel like my whole LIFE is a note from underground!” Hahaha. “It’s like, who am I dating here? Ignatius J. Reilly?!” For some reason, though, I cannot help but feel like this TV show has the potential to be somewhat good. We all love books! And we all love TV! And we all love the trials and tribulations of an early 20-somethings girl living in NYC! (Right?) But. IS IT? Is it going to be good or bad? Please vote in our poll and let’s put this out of our minds once and for all.

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“Thank you for your vote.” – A talking book.

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  1. It’s like what they say in New York, “Some days you just CAN’T Bartleby a scrivener!” So true!

  2. I hope one of the books they read is Dan Humphrey’s book and another is Tyra Bank’s “Modelland.”

    • “Mom, I’m really worried that my boyfriend is going to die in a tragic auto-erotic asphyxiation accident, just like Charlie Trout!”

    • There was a Top Model episode where the girls had to act out the various characters of that book! It was one of the most awful things I have ever seen on that show, and Top Model has a lot of terrible things!

      • Yes that was bad, but it was nowhere near as bad as the music video episode. #potledom4ever

        • That episode was soooo entertaining, though! Tyra forcing Allison to sing “Pot Ledom… Top Model backwards” in a song about her father’s death was one of the most absurd moments in ANTM history, and therefore one of the best.

        • You are right! Then their “songs” would play over their exit montage, so we had to relive it over and over again.

          I vowed to quit watching after this season, but next season, it’s girls and guys. I cannot pass up the hilarious drama.

          • Yeah, I hear you. This season… oof…

          • I did not watch this season because it’s not ANTM without the Jays and Nigel.

          • Ok, I 100% called the Modelland photo shoot as soon as I heard that Tyra was writing a book. I still did not expect just HOW psychotown that whole thing turned out to be. It was immensely, immensely entertaining.

            I have fallen behind on this season, but I don’t like it as much without the Jays and Nigel, as you said catweazle. Victoria is (was? Is she gone?) hilarious, but I am also worried about her mental state? Like for real.

          • Re: Victoria – Either the editors this season are “good” at their jobs or Victoria never should have been cleared to go on a reality show. That girl’s mom issues were intense. I was genuinely worried about her mental health.

            I don’t necessarily mind the Jays being gone. It’s just the new cast is atrocious. The guy who replaced Mr. Jay is ok. But Bryan Boy? And P’Trique? I have no idea if that is how to spell the name of the bearded drag queen that keeps showing up for Tyra Mail. It’s always been embarrassing to watch this show, but holy hell it is out of control.

          • I really do wonder if they even do psych evals before they’re allowed on the show? Because if not, they NEED to, and if they do I just don’t know how Victoria made it. Maybe some producer pulled an “M” and let Victoria on even though she failed her eval.

            But yeah, Bryanboy is THE WORST. So pointless! “Um, here’s what people are saying about you.” Yeah, thanks. Tyra could’ve read that out herself. And yeah, that bearded drag queen, WHAT is going on there? Why can’t we just have regular old Tyra mail that the girls have to awkwardly and slowly read aloud to one another?

          • I met a guy who was on some Bravo reality show about doing hair. I can’t remember the name of the show. But he said that there were pretty extensive psych evaluations.

    • Speaking of Dan Humphrey…

      The Gossip Girl series finale is coming up guys! Mark your calendars – December 17.

      Maybe as an early Christmas gift, Kelly will recap our favorite show for old time’s sake.

      This season is ridiculous – Rufus is a more terrible father than ever! People actually want to read Dan’s material! Nate and Serena are both really pretty!

      Jenny is still gone, so it’s even safe for Gabe.

  3. An eccentric grandma?! What WILL they think of next?!

  4. I, personally, am very excited to see how eccentric this grandmother really is. Maybe she’ll wear galoshes… and keep suggesting Jack London novels, wolves.


  6. I really hope there is a Metamorphosis-themed episode.

  7. I feel that this would be better if it weren’t set in New York. With a premise like this, I have a feeling that placing it in New York will make the writing lazy.
    “The city is a main character, hahaha,” the writers will say in publicity panels, but what they actually mean is “Instead of having to write full characters, we were able to fill them in with hackneyed stereotypes and predictable situations straight from Central Casting.”

  8. I think this could be really good, as long as they cast this lady as the eccentric grandma:

  9. What are books? What are book clubs? Where are the vampires?

  10. If it’s realistic, each episode they’ll spend 30 seconds talking about the book and the rest of the time getting super sloshed on sauvingon blanc.

  11. So it’s Gilmore Girls, but with literary references instead of movie and indie music references?

    • If Emily Gilmore played Emily Gilmore in this show, I would watch it IN A SECOND. And Kirk is one of those friends. Paris, too. Lorelei shows up but is too career-orientated to stay long… But Sookie St. James is there a lot when Lorelei can’t make it. Also Michel is in the club. And instead of New York, it takes place in Stars Hollow.

    • Literally the first thing I thought when I read this was, “I would watch it if Amy Sherman Palladino wrote it. Or if it was a GG spin off.” Like, I have been seriously wanting a Paris Gellar and Emily Gilmore spinoff FOR AGES. I think they would be delightful together.

      • I would love a Paris Gellar spin off. And I can’t believe that actress hasn’t been in more roles.

        I haven’t seen this “Emily Owens, M.D.” show, so no offense to that show if it is good, but now I wish it was “Paris Gellar, M.D.”

        • That show would be SO MUCH BETTER if it were Paris Gellar, M.D. Or if were better written. Or just funnier and meaner in general. Or if the actress didn’t talk the way she did, which is just irritating on random nondescript levels.

          Though, to be fair, EVERYTHING would be better with Paris Gellar. I really would like to see her in character on The Bachelorette.

  12. Please let there be a character named Cliff who helps the protagonist understand her books better, and therefore her LIFE better…

  13. sometimes life does mirror the art we are currently enjoying. when I was reading the Di Vinci Code in Paris my uncle got murdered in the Louvre and a chase involving cryptograms ensued.

  14. The love of my life, Rory McCann aka the guy who plays the Hound on Game of Thrones, was in a show called the Book Group about a book club that was actually very good although maybe like 85% of how good it was is based off of how young and handsome and giant and perfect he was in it. But I’m very optimistic about this show anyway!

  15. No one reads books.

    • Well maybe this show about books will change that! People will watch and be all like, “I need to read that book!”

      Maybe if the show hooked on to that LOST gimmick– where characters on the show were named after authors, mysterious things and episode titles were named after obvious-to-obscure references to books, and characters on the island were constantly finding and reading old dusty books– the fans will be like, “I need to know more about what’s going to happen next on Book CLub TV Show! Maybe books hold the answer!”

      Then BAM! More people tricked into becoming readers.

    • It should be called The Kindle Club.

      You know, for kids.

  16. I feel like this show has been done before, but better…

  17. would rather watch something about a Graphic Novel club, where all of the people go out and be vigilantes and probably get murdered every week.

  18. Did someone say Book Club? There was already a “show” called The Book Club. It’s on YouTube. And it’s free. And it’s funny as hell. And it stars some of our favorite people like Danny Pudi.

  19. Will the episode titles be the titles of the books they’re reading? So like:

    S1E1: Disgrace
    S1E2: Crime and Punishment
    S1E3: A Clockwork Orange
    S1E4: Motherless Brooklyn
    S1E5: Confessions of a Shopaholic
    S1E6: Gone Girl
    S1E7: Blood Meridian

    Sound about right?

  20. I am picturing the show’s writers actually reading the books they base the first 2-3 episodes on, then getting exhausted and just skimming wikipedia summaries of book plots for episodes 4-22. Watch as the show gets vaguer and vaguer.

    Girl, Week 1: “The way my boyfriend dresses lately reminds me of Gatsby throwing his shirts around, as if by the mere token of material possessions he wants to believe he has acquired class, dignity, freedom, even a kind of improved morality, but retained a desperation to use it only to lure me and all his actual dreams closer.”

    Girl, Week 19: “Some people say Slaughterhouse 5 is a classic. Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. Am I too old to go to raves? Humbert Humbert.”

  21. I stopped reading at “The CW…”

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