Apparently, last night “hundreds of thousands of people” on the Eastern Seaboard witnessed a bright flash of light accompanied by a loud boom. The National Weather Service looked into it and it wasn’t lightning. But the point is, this local Virginia news station’s coverage of the event is just like The Onion News Network:

Whether it’s a landlord who refuses to return your security deposit, or the final battle between the anti-Christ and his demons and God and his angels for the souls of the living and the dead, the 10 On Your Side problem solvers have your back.

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  1. I just want to go to the Virginia Aquarium now. And,oh yeah, local news is the pits.

  2. Everyone’s talking about it… and we have 9 emails to prove it. How do they not have video of this?

  3. Okay, I’m getting a little worried, and it has nothing to do with the whole sonic-boom-or-whatever-it-is thing. So far today, Lindsay has posted 5 times. Gabe has posted zero. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM, LINDSAY?!?! I better be getting a new WMOAT post, or I’m holding you responsible for his disappearance.

  4. Has Lindsay murdered Gabe and put his body in a woodchipper? Probably not, but still, more questions…

  5. Patrick  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +2

    PS- the first anchor guy came to my elementary school years ago to promote his book “rap to live by”, a compilation of positive rap songs he wrote for kids. and yeah, he performed them for us. don roberts, ya’ll.

    • Now that’s what I call a Videogum softball. Swing away, Lindsay.

      Also, I’m glad The Number 10 News is on my side by putting the closest thing to ACTUAL NEWS — weather service woman saying ??? — at the end of the story. INFOTAINMENT!!!

  6. rachel  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +1

    whaaat? i was and still am very much in the hampton roads area and did not see or hear anything. bummed.

  7. Nick  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +4

    I like how the reporter’s desk is covered in paper because of all the email. Technology!

  8. Olives  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +5

    What was all of this about? New York had a thunderstorm at the same time as all of this, but what these people experienced WASN’T thunder? Very strange.

    I love how a “flooded inbox” to this crack news team is like 12 printed emails.

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