The tipster who sent this did so with the subject line “annnd….you’re welcome.” Such cockiness is sometimes unmerited, but not this time! Meet Henry, a ginger-haired moppet with what appears to be innate hip-hop dancing skill, which he displays in these three YouTube videos put up, apparently, by his mother. As Henry would say: “Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!”:

It’s all fun and games until the little dancing child slaps his own ass:

When do you think the sister’s therapy sessions will commence?:

Henry speaks! (Also: ahhhhhhh!):

I don’t think this is the last we will hear from Henry. (Thanks for the tip, Chesney!)

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  1. henry, consider it checked out.

  2. Are they casting the second season of Candy Girls already?

  3. Love the ass spank. At one point in the first clip he did a combo stanky leg into the David Byrne Hindu arm chop from the Once In A Lifetime video.

  4. In the second video, he looks like a tiny little man.

    • Karen  |   Posted on Apr 13th, 2009 0

      Isn’t that essentially what he is? Unless of course his dancing prowess was bestowed upon him after an alien abduction, in which he may or may not be partially extraterrestrial.

  5. When I have kids that I keep I want them to be like that.

  6. Zachra  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +7


  7. Really? You let your child listen and dance along to “The whisper song”? That song even grosses me out a little. woah.

  8. Is no one going to address the horrible music? I would be absolutely appalled if i found me (future) child listening to that shit, let alone dancing to it. Poor kid is going to grow up thinking that’s what passes for decent music… he never had a chance.

  9. did anyone else pick up on the fact that the second video has Ying Yang Twins as the soundtrack? That kid should take a break with ramen and Crunk juice in the boat room.

  10. I thought I told my mom to stop uploading shit on the YouTube site.

  11. First two videos are funny – by the third, when you realize this kid’s mom sounds like she’s about 19 or 20, then I wasn’t so into it – probably just being monday morning cranky about it, but something off about probably telling your kid to jump around while you film him, thinking to yourself, this is going to look great on youtube, because i’m young too, and can relate to the silliness of it all – i could imagine this kid’s mom being a bit like that caylee anthony mom – totally oblivious to being a “parent” and more concerned with being cool by passing off her kid as entertainment – ugh..okay..that’s over, sorry.

    • The voices in the first and third video are different. I’m pretty sure the first is recorded by the mom, but the second is Henry’s (presumably) teenage sister.

  12. The 2nd video is highly, highly disturbing. Those damn faces he makes…..

  13. OMG…I have a flamboyant redheaded younger brother named Henry…man that was close…

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    and the god-awful Little Karate Man Henry in the second video is disturbing enough just standing there. wow. i hope someone takes him off steroids sometime soon. if not, redneck country’s gonna have a new hero to look up to.

  16. One of these days we’ll see this kid doing “Belly Savalas” and “Cobumbo” Awesome!

  17. Is there a gun show in town? I bet Henry can bench press like 300 pounds.

    • I KNOW! In the second video, he looks like a tiny Ryan Atwood! I wouldn’t be surprised if for his next birthday his mom got him a little tiny pool house!

  18. If red hair and stanky legs are both recessive genes, then that kid won the genetic jackpot!

  19. This is some Benjamin Button sh*t.

  20. Mark  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +8

    Every time I see something like this I just thank everything that is good and holy that YouTube did not exist when I was three. I’ll take my potentially embarrassing (and often naked) childhood videos on dead formats only, please.

  21. He looks like a miniature frat boy.

  22. Henry’s poor sister… This is a classic smart fox/dumb fox dynamic. I think we all know who the Good Little Champion of this family is….

  23. He reminds me of my brother.

  24. ronton  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 0

    It is the “clean” version however,
    so she’s gotta be a great parent.

  25. What kind of parent exposes a child of that age to Flo-Rida???

  26. I love how people are all freaking out about the music. If it was Spank Rock or Deerhunter (or whatever the hipsters are dancing to these days) you guys would be shitting all over yourselves. Gross, guys. Real gross.

  27. Was I the only person that didn’t really find this funny?

  28. I did the first dance in the shower this morning. Not recommended.

  29. I was listening to JAMC’s Between Planet’s while watching this. It works in that dark side of the moon/wizard of oz way. trick is to wait till the small intro is over before you hit the “play” button on youtube.

  30. I think that’s actually Twin Peaks’ Michael J. Anderson.

  31. It’s funny. This is individualism at its best – don’t follow the masses.

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