Unfortunately, do to a scheduling conflict, I was only able to watch two out of the group of Thursday night shows this week — 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. How were the rest of them? Good? Bad? The best? The worst? Hey, isn’t it weird that NBC put out that spoiler announcement about 30 Rock yesterday? That’s not even a tease for a plot arc, that’s just a straight-up spoiler! It doesn’t matter, particularly, because no doy, and also who cares, but I do think that was a strange promotional method. Kind of empty. Not very exciting. Fairly confusing. But W/E. I enjoyed last night’s episode of 30 Rock very much, which always worries me because generally that means you guys all hated it? But I love a good Hazel plot line. And I thought the Tracey/Jack plot line was fun, too. To be honest, I didn’t have any problems with this ep., and it’s hard to find something to say when all you want to say is that it was enjoyable and that you don’t want to ruin it with too much TALK. Parks and Recreation was great. I thought Joe Biden was very good at acting creeped out. I don’t really understand why Leslie wouldn’t haven’t wanted to work with April on turning that lot into some sort of dog and human park from the beginning, but WHATEVER. It’s Friday. It was a TV show and it was great. Ben’s great. I wish I could give him the job of my husband in real life. Andy is just a delight to watch. A+ good job, show. WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?

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  1. Sorry if this spoils The Office for you Kelly, I am just so happy that Nelly is finally getting to be funny

  2. Gosh, Ben Wyatt just keeps getting more and more perfect as my future dream husband and it just very much upsets me that he’s not real. And even if he was real, he is taken by Leslie Knope and I would never want to break them up because they are perfect. So basically, I am in a real Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually situation over here.

  3. That 30 Rock spoiler also showed up during the NBC Thursday night block, so if you had been actively avoiding it, NBC gave you a big “fuck you,” and passively spoiled it for you anyway since the imagery of the commercial would give it away even if you were fast forwarding on DVR.

  4. How good was The Vampire Diaries last night? I was a little disappointed that Katherine wasn’t actually in it, as the promo suggested, but Hallucination Katherine was fun.

    I will miss Connor if this was his last appearance, because he was a good villain and quite nice to look at. I hope that Bonnie and the ludicrously-named Witch Professor guy decide to drop everything and run away together because they are both boring. I actually didn’t hate Jeremy in this episode which is rare, though I did LOL heartily when Elena stabbed him in the neck.

    I think that they keep putting in the “Damon misses Alaric” moments just to make us all cry which is mean, but effective.

  5. Toby remains my favorite character ever. that was great. and 30 Rock has had 2 episodes of hilarity in a row! it’s been like 3 years since that’s happened.

  6. It’s Always Sunny was amazing last night!

    - Sean Combs as “Dr. Jinx” with Dennis saying “That’s the name of a cat, not a man.”
    - Charlie’s mom faking cancer, copying Charlie from season 1?
    - Frank enticing his kids to dig up their mother’s grave!
    - Dennis: “I feel too much!”
    - “Beef, Beer, and Jesus”

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  8. I loved how Leslie assumed Joe Biden requested she fill in for Hillary as Secretary of State. The look on Ben’s face as he realized how deep Leslie’s crush went was priceless.

    My mom was like, “How did they get Biden to be on the show?” And I was like, Duh, the parks dept. is like the Obama presidency. Bobby Newport is Mitt Romney. They both lost their elections. Biden has to do it.

    I caught the last 8 minutes of The Office. If you can’t grow a mustache normally in a month, don’t even try in November. That’s a general rule. Just do all of us single women a favor and wear the Livestrong bracelet instead. You can’t unsee a bad mustache.

  9. What is going on with Toby? For so long he was the aspirational character who liked George Saunders and wanted to move to Costa Rica to surf. Now he’s this weird, boring creep. Some weeks I feel like all but the central characters lack fixed identities. I mean, now Andy is back to being a clueless jerk?

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