• NBC dropped a HUGE SPOILER about 30 Rock on the ‘net today. But is a spoiler a spoiler if it is spoiled intentionally? A very smart question that I do not have the answer for. Do not click through if you don’t want a spoiler. Do click through if you don’t care. -TVLine
  • Forbes dropped their list of the ten biggest flops of 2012 and SPOILER ALERT The Oogieloves is number one and it still made a million dollars? That’s a lot of dollars for a movie no one saw or ever even heard of! -FilmDrunk
  • Lindsay Lohan was on Late Night last night and participated in a “Let Us Play With Your Look” segment. She did OK, I think. She didn’t have to say any words, which was good, but it does get a little weird at the end. CH-CH-CH-check it out! -Dlisted
  • NBC is creating a show about George Washington. Sounds BORING! -AVClub
  • Here are Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen eating a supersized gummy snake candy thing on Anderson yesterday because we never got to pick the world we were born into and this is the one we got. -HyperVocal
  • Want to learn some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts about Skyfall? WHy not, right? You’re on the computer you might as well learn SOMETHING about Skyfall. -TheWeek
  • And, finally, here’s a bit of news about Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie. -SlashFilm
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  1. Unfortunately, Oogieloves cost a million and three dollars to make.

  2. I do hope that everyone got Cloud Atlas the book from the library and is reading it instead of paying the ticket price for the movie because I really think it is a story that would not translate well to the screen. Come on, lets use our imaginations!

    • That’s like what I did with Brokeback Mountain. I worked at a Borders at the time (LADIES), and with my employee discount could buy the short story for WAY less than the price of a movie ticket.

      • When the Brokeback Mountain DVD came out I bought it from Borders (from a girl, not you). I then photoshopped Heath Ledger and Gyllenhall into the 3:10 to Yuma DVD cover. I gave it to my dad along with some old Clint Eastwood movies. He loves westerns, and he loves to watch them with his drinking buddies. What was my point?Who knows, but you guys should try it sometimes if you want to see middle age men gasp at the TV.

    • The book is so good! I liked it so much that I really don’t want to see the movie. I was neutral on the movie until I saw the trailer, which looked so incredibly terrible.

    • Cloud Atlas is a fantastic book that everyone should read! Also, NOT TO BRAG OR ANYTHING but David Mitchell gave a reading at my local bookstore once and was super wonderful and signed all of my books. Then I read Jacob de Zoet and was saddish, but he is still great.

      I had very little desire to see the movie anyway, but I’ve also decided I will give zero of my dollars to condone yellowface.

      • I understand the directors’ justification for the yellowface – they decided that they wanted to have the same actors play the same characters throughout. It is the same logic that led them to put Halle Berry in ridiculous whiteface (though they just as easily could have chosen an Asian actor, and then done them up in whiteface too).
        But it is stupid logic, because it’s sort of a stupid way to do the movie! The book didn’t bang it into our heads over and over that “by the way these characters are reincarnated or whatever versions of the people from the last section, get it? Huh, did you get it?”

    • I liked Cloud Atlas a lot as I was reading it, but five or six years later now I mostly just remember the Super Cleverness of it, which maybe isn’t the best thing..?

      I’m not going to run out and see the movie (I have twelve children), but I don’t understand the instabacklash to it. The Wachowski and Tykwer are using strong source material and I think we can trust their visual sense. And having three directors (four of you count Lana twice) makes sense? I don’t know. Please see my full review when the movie shows up on STARZ OnDemand

      • I will hardly ever see a movie based on a book I like, because I don’t like someone else’s visuals to impose on the little universe I’ve created in my head.
        I was prepared for Cloud Atlas to be a good movie I wouldn’t see…until I saw the trailer. The acting and visuals seemed really dumb and overwrought. For the sake of people who go see it, I hope I’m wrong.

      • My problem with Cloud Atlas is I think it won’t translate well to film (or visual media in general, to be honest). I get the attraction to transpose stories from one medium to another, but I don’t think that all stories are as effective in all mediums, if that makes sense. Especially since film is often constrained by time, and there is a lot to cover in 2 hours.

        tl;dr – I am a curmudgeon

  3. i’m really disappointed the rest of the proposed dredd trilogy won’t happen now. i really liked dredd 3d. it was so fun! and olivia thirlby is so attractive! i also really liked that ma-ma’s tech guy, who i kept referring to as ‘the weaselly hacker guy’ before realizing that he was in fact bill weasley in harry potter, was just chilling in his hacker lair listening to the theme from snuff box for no discernable reason.

  4. Hey that is my twitter avatar <3

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