“OK,” you are probably saying, “this is admittedly over the top and that sure is a LOT of Human Centipede tattoos for one person to have on their back, and the infographics for how the surgery is to be performed is new. But I have already seen plenty of Human Centipede fan art on Etsy or whatever, and it’s 2012, man. This is old news. No one is talking about Human Centipede anymore. We have all moved on.” Uh, yeah, I know, MY POINT EXACTLY. Tattoos are forever, guys. I really wish you would start being a little more deliberate in choosing yours. Your body is a wonderland. A scary, disgusting, laughable wonderland.

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  1. Human Centipede I love you
    love is forever fan love you

  2. YOU GUUUUUUUYS. That’s the worst. But Human Centipede 3 is happening so this tattoo will be relevent again soon enough.

    Also did anyone actually see the sequel? It’s kind of really smart! Like in the grossest way possible. But it has that whole post-modern self-awareness thing that I love in horror. And it’s essentially a silent film! Except for the muffled screams of a dozen victims with their mouths stapled shut. There is a footnote about it in my Masters Thesis! Because, much like that tattoo, I’M THE WORST.

  3. i realize there is no cutting corners when it comes to designing a human centipede, but the tattoo-ee could easily have just gotten a dotted red line tattoo around their own butthole [located 5 inches SSE from current tattoo location] and it would make it about 90% more timeless. *

    *I have a feeling I’ve put more thought into this than the person who got them did.

  4. I really don’t like thinking about this movie.

    • Also, is that a Link tattoo on the upper right?

      • No, it’s not clickable.

      • I suppose this tattoo person gets tattoos on a whim.

        “Man, Twilight Princess took me like 400 hours to beat! I’m gonna get a tattoo to commemorate it!”

        “Whoa, I just threw up all over myself a half hour into Human Centipede! I’m gonna commemorate that vomit but laying out a guideline for how to perform my own Human Centipede with a tattoo!”

  5. Someone want to shoot me a note at http:///www.twitter.com/mr_lloyd_wrong when this post gets bumped to the 2nd page Videogum netherworld. I really don’t want to look at this banner pic anymore.

  6. “Hahahahahahaha.” -Romney Face Tattoo Guy

  7. Although, if anyone did happen to find themselves with their face stitched to this gentleman’s ass, this WOULD serve as a convenient reminder/informative diagram of what’s to come.

  8. File under informative schematic.


  10. “What can I do to avoid people looking at this awful tramp stamp on my back? Wait, I know!” – This Person

  11. Could be worse

  12. Ice Cream’d when I saw that

  13. I missed how was your day yesterday :( That makes me feel almost as horrible as this tattoo makes me feel. How was everyone’s day is my favourite, and gross-out gratuitous torture porn is my least favourite. I feel like this is some sort of punishment for me personally.

    • I miss that bit every damned day unless I hang out on Videogum once I get home… This is a sadness in my life.

    • I missed it too. Work got busy. How was your day, apart from missing How Was Your Day?

      Mine was busy and then I fell asleep super early. I was very disappointed in myself. And I still haven’t seen Skyfall. Rough week. But at least I don’t have this tattoo.

      • I had six comic books waiting for me at the comic shop. The past couple wednesdays there were no weekly comics on my pull list, then today they all came at once. I don’t buy a BUNCH of comics, and stay away from most of DC and all of Marvel, so I usually average about two titles a week. Then yesterday? Boom. SO many comic books.

        I read those, then I fell asleep reading a how-to writing guide about human trauma and injury. Bullet wounds are fucking awful, you guys (speaking of Skyfall).

        • What six? I’m in the same boat as you in that I don’t do much Marvel or DC anymore and the last few weeks have been weaksauce. I haven’t been yet and want to spoil the surprise.

          • I read Kirkman’s ‘Invincible’ and ‘Walking Dead,’ Brian K. Vaughan’s & Fiona Staples’ ‘Saga,’ Brian Wood’s ‘Conan’ and ‘The Massive,’ and Sean Gordon Murphy’s ‘Punk Rock Jesus.’

            The other comics I read currently are ‘Batwoman’ (only when JH Williams III is on art duties, can’t wait for his and Neil Gaiman’s new ‘Sandman’ book) and ‘Wonder Woman’ (because Azzarello is killing it, love the mythology, have never read a WW book before).

            Also, the new Hellboy can’t get here fast enough.

          • Yayyyyy for Saga and The Massive. I’m digging on both of them, though The Massive is requiring patience and trust.

            I lost track of Invincible when I moved away from the friend I always borrowed it from, and Walking Dead I think started to bore me at some point, plus I’ve been doing it in trade and am terrible at keeping up.

          • Yeah, Invincible and Walking Dead are the longest-running books I’ve read. WD passed issue 100 a couple months back and the pickle they are currently in has kept me on the book for the time being. Invincible is approaching 100 and I’ll be making a choice to continue with it as well. The past couple storylines were ok (largely due to Cory Walker’s art while guesting on the book), and the issue that came out yesterday had this weird meta-commentary argument I THINK was about people hating on the Walking Dead 100 and Kirkman’s success, which was weird and kind of off-putting, truthfully.

            It’s like, just tell the story, man. I don’t need to know about your personal, inside-baseball industry-politickin’, especially when the book is only 20 pages long and you’ve now spent 3 pages on it (one of which was a splash-page).

            Walking Dead and Invincible are the two highest-profile books I read, in that they are largely successful and are challenging the monthly sales charts of the Big 2. That being said, it’s the junk food I read before I get into the dense meal that is Saga, Conan, the Massive, etc.

            I loved Wood’s Northlanders, LOVED IT, which is why I’m picking up Conan. I never read DMZ, which I feel The Massive may be a spiritual successor to, but that’s just a hunch, and an unfounded one at that. He did a great arc with DV8, that old shitty Wildstorm property (anti-Gen13 team), right before DC dissolved WS. Love me some Brian Wood tho.

            Yes, yes. Nerd Alert.

            Saga is the TITS.

          • To clarify for no reason but my own ocd edification, when I said, “Yeah, Invincible and Walking Dead are the longest-running books I’ve read” I meant “longest-running books that I am currently reading.”

            I’ve read plenty of comic book series that have run for more than 100 issues. But I prefer stories with endings so much more than any never-ending serialized story that the length doesn’t matter insomuch as that there be an actual ending or an ending in sight.

            I like stuff like 100 Bullets, The Amazing Screw-On Head & Other Curious Objects, Blacksad, Desolation Jones, empowered, Fables, Ghost in the Shell, Heavy Liquid, Kingdom Come, Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, Nextwave, Offroad, Planetary, Rasl, Sandman, Transmetropolitan, The Umbrella Academy, V For Vendetta, We3, Xombi, Y: The Last Man, etc etc.

            (P.S. I did try to go A-Z, but then was like, ‘why do I insist on punishing myself by making me do these things?’)

      • I am falling crazy in like with a dude. I’m floating on clouds. My days are amazing, all of them.

  14. Couldn’t you just doodle this on a napkin like a normal gross person?

  15. So there is this Munchhausen tale called “die Enten an der Schnur,” and that is all I can ever think about when someone mentions “Human Centipede.”

  16. What’s the source for this pic? Someone needs to interview this woman.

  17. So many questions…

    a) Why was this movie made?
    b) Why did anyone see this movie?
    c) Why didn’t the tattoo artist speak up for the community of respectable tattoo artists and say, “You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

  18. Here there are an romantic styles..i will pass this information to all of them..

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