But also sometimes you miss every shot you do take, and you look foolish because not only did you miss them all after trying so hard in front of everyone, they were also all aimed at your own basket. #LIFE (Via DailyFlicks.)

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  1. This is why Belgium is breaking up into two countries.

  2. This is what happens when your beer is 10% alcohol.


  4. I totally did that as a kid. I made it on the first attempt though, so I retained my pride.

    • Ugh, I scored on my own goal in a soccer game during P.E. in fifth grade. I was the WORST athlete, like last picked for everything, and I remember being so happy that I was actually making this goal without anyone stopping me. And that’s how I learned that any time something unexpected and great seems to be happening, you’re always wrong and probably embarrassing yourself.

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