There are rumors flying — bouncing off the walls, falling into cups of coffee, leaping off the screen, going into your mouth by accident, embarrassing you, falling out of the garbage — around the Internet today that True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is going to be the actor chosen to portray Tarzan in the upcoming David Yates‘ Tarzan adaptation. For real, that news is being discussed A LOT of places on the Internet today, which makes sense because it is always pretty incredible when any actor is possibly going to be chosen to play a role in a movie. RIGHT? My only question is why I have not yet gotten an AP alert about the subject? The only AP alert I got today was that Obama has seen no evidence “at this point” that national security was damaged by the Patraeus sex scandal, which was a pretty good AP alert, do not get me wrong, they are all good, but why do I have that app if it’s not going to give me the news that’s important? N-E-Way, I’m sure Alexander Skarsgard is having a pretty good day, preparing to make his way from television stardom to probably cinema stardom, but what about you? How has your day been? Did you have a good lunch? Did you wear enough layers for how chilly it was today? Was it not chilly at all and you wore too many layers? Did you see New Girl last night and you could not stop laughing all day about the thing Nick said about the smiling guy’s blue hat? Let’s talk about it! How was your day???

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  1. Chamoy was fixed last Friday and he’s been colder than usual.

    He was born in Mexico.

    • At first I thought you meant colder as in more distant, because he was angry about being fixed. But then I realized he’s wrapped up in a blanket so you probably meant colder as in body temperature. I put a lot of thought into your comment, is basically what I’m saying.

  2. i am ungodly hungover.

  3. I can’t sleep because of work school related stress and I think my hair is falling out more then i think it should? But the brewery at work is opening tomorrow so hopefully the stress will end. I also think i need to start dating or i will end up dieing alone. I think i might have a beer.

  4. Today I learned an important life lesson: maybe don’t try to inject your medicine at the bus station outside the post office, maybe wait to get home until you do that.

    • I wear dark glasses all day because I work with tiny numbers all day. I always forget to switch them with my night time glasses and people look at me like l’m the unabomber.

  5. well, i got a job interview set for monday. and it’s a doozy. pretty much an audition. i have to create and give this whole presentation. and i feel weird about it. but i definitely want to not have the job I currently do. this is moving in the opposite direction I want to be going in.

    so after a long day of spreadsheets and bullshit. i have to go home and spend another couple hours on spreadsheets and bullshit in order to get a job that will be nothing but spreadsheets and bullshit on a larger scale. although this is the epitome of white people problems, it is stressful.

    lunch was delicious though.

    • Oh good luck! I did this very recently and I promise you it was really not that awful. My interviewers at least kind of acknowledged they were asking me to do something difficult/stressful and were extremely nice.

  6. I got new glasses today! They’re super cute and I’m super excited! I also went to the dentist and got a permanent crown, so now I can go back to chewing gum. Which is exciting too!

    Frankly, it doesn’t take much to get me excited.

  7. It’s been an okay day! I’ve been worried because the other night my brother’s cat ate a lily and has been in the kitty ER… but he’s ok! Hunter is home!

    Also today my fiance and I settled on the tasting menu we are going to try for our wedding. I think it’ll be really good. The tasting is in 2 weeks.

    I also decided today that I’m going to take a little road trip over the holidays to visit my dad in Lubbock Texas, where I’ve never been. Anyone know anything good there?

  8. I have a deadline today, and even though it’s totally fake I know that if I don’t respect it, I’ll never respect deadlines again, so I’m making a decent effort to finish this project by midnight even though the person I’m doing it for is on the east coast so technically, I’ll be late? Basically I’m still procrastinating and this thread is going to make me procrastinate even more, and I am just the worst.

    Otherwise, things are great. Where are all the newlyweds at? I know this thread is about our “days” but I also care about your “lives,” as much as one person on the Internet can care about another.

  9. Today was the greatest day I have had in a long time. I took the day of work, so got to sleep in. I went for a walk in a park and saw three deer, which is not unusual but was still neato. I deposited my payroll check, which is always good, and got a haircut to avoid mullet-tude, bought a new scarf (hurrah!), almost hit a turkey with my car (that was admittedly not good), and am now at home watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

  10. Work is nutso stressful today, I’ve bounced between four major projects. I can’t wait to go home and read comics (anyone following Death of the Family?) and eat thai food.

    On a weird/sad note: I’m pretty sure my ex has a new girlfriend. Oof, I hate finding that out. In the words of Chris Traeger “If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair.”

    • I haven’t read comic books since I was 12. Are there some you recommend? I kind of like the old Batman stories but I took a look at samples of some of his new jams and it was just ridiculous. Then again I mostly watch documentaries and read nonfiction because I am fun. [said in a Ben Stiller voice]

    • i haven’t been following death of the family because i’m pretty behind on the new 52 batman titles. is it worth getting caught up for? do you keep accidentally calling it death IN the family, like i do? why does dc keep giving different “event” storylines slightly different versions of the same name?

      • Margaret McGill  |   Posted on Nov 14th, 2012 +1

        Yeah, when I was first finding out about it I kept searching the wrong title. Also, I’m super pissed that the fancy covers means the damn thing sells out quickly. It means I do not have the new Suicide Squad to tie in.

        The story is good so far? There hasn’t been too much, since there were only 3 issues that came out. I liked the Batman issue, the Batgirl was busy wrapping up another storyline so it didn’t have much until the end. I also think I’ll be more hyper-critical of this since it’s a Joker story and there have been so many good Joker stories already done.

  11. Work was crummy. I am sleepy. All I want to do is go home and drink wine, but unfortunately I have to go now to the suburbs to hang out with my family while my dad has his leg amputated. Put down the Pixy Stix, kids. Diabetes does not fuck around.

    Just to not be such a Debbie Downer, here is my fun story of the day. I was talking to my sister about how even though it’s still going to be super busy at work I’m going to take a half day tomorrow, and at one point I said “I don’t give a flying f” which naturally made me realize that it would be amazing if there was a guitar shaped like the letter F called a “Flying F.”

    • Oh and re: ASkars as Tarzan: YES PLEASE. I have no feelings about a Tarzan movie but I have very positive feelings about watching that man run around in a loincloth for two hours.

    • Yikes, that’s tough. My brother played football his whole life as a lineman (until he got out of college) and he power-lifted like crazy. But he also used to roll pizzas up, melt more cheese on top of them and eat them like tacos. Long story short, he had a heart attack at 36. He’s fine now ,I guess, but excersise is not enough to stay healthy, you gotta watch watchu eat.

  12. Also, I got on the IMDb page for Atonement for some reason or another today, and I guess our very own Benedict Cumberbatch played the creep Paul Marshall?

  13. 1. Is this correct?
    2. If I had a tandem bike, would you ride it with me?
    3. Took a loss in Monster Fantasy Football West, still at 1 but tied at a record of 8-2.
    4. I ordered that firefighter died book but it hasn’t gotten here yet. I’ll bore you with my diet details later.
    5. What type of animal was your first pet?
    6. What’s the worst thing you’ve done to an animal, besides eating it? When I was about 4 (according to my parents) i used to pull my bunny’s leg in order to “teach him to talk.”
    7. What’s your Seapunk name?
    8. I haven’t been out since Friday because I’m taking care of that little dog up there and I work from home. He has serious separation anxiety because his previous owners locked him in a closet. I think I’m getting cabin fever. Anyways, he goes back to my parents on Friday.
    9. I had a dream the other day where Tom Hanks started in a movie called “Doug Harrison”, where he played a divorced dude living in the Mall of America. (in hindsight this comment should’ve gone in the rom-com post.)
    10. You guys remember the Videogum Song Contest? That was cool.
    11. No running and no bars makes Trash a dull boy.

    • 2. I am always terrified of tandem bikes, I have terrible rhythm so I’m sure I’d fuck it up. That said, I would try it if we were on a street with no traffic and had helmets on.

      5. beta fighting fish that I got from a wedding. It was part of the centerpiece. I named it blubber, but generally just called him fishy.

      6. I squish lots of centipedes and spiders in my house, is that bad?

    • 1. If you mix a chihuahua’s sperm with a great dane’s egg, you’d better put it back into a womb of some kind. Even still, I bet the embryo wouldn’t be viable though. It’s pretty common for an embryo to be aborted naturally because of genetic incompatibility and I’m pretty sure issues would develop in sizing along the way.

    • 2. Nope! I think riding on a tandem bike with someone is equivalent to picking out an engagement ring.
      4. I really like this typo a whole lot.
      5. Except for the cat that my parents had to get rid of when I was five days old because I was too allergic, a mouse.
      11. Check out You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.

    • 1. i have a long story about biology class that involved a question like this, but the short answer is some breeds just can’t mix.
      2. probably. if no one i know was there to see me on a tandem bike.
      3. i’m coasting into 2nd place in one of my leagues. $50 here I come.
      4. i heard Bronson – famed lunatic inmate – has a “solitary confinement” diet book.
      5. hamster. Chuck.
      6. i once shot a chicken with a BB gun and killed it.
      7. Seapunk? Oyster T. Rock-a-Sweater, i guess?
      8. that can be tough. but you gotta do your best not to coddle him otherwise it could get worse. little by little, i’m sure you could get him to trust you. b/c I had him in college and moved a lot, my old dog would freak out any time he saw some one packing a bag.
      9. that is pretty much a mash-up of Tom Hanks’ career 2000-2011.
      10. i do. when does the anthem ever get played?
      11. currently on a post-wedding sobriety cleanse, myself. i am irritable and 50% less charming in the evening hours

    • 2) You bet your ass I would, but we should wear kneepads lest we fall.

    • 1. I don’t know, but I did know a Rhodesian Ridgeback / Basset mix in Chicago. He had the head and fur of a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but the body of a basset hound. He was very very funny (and sweet.)
      2. Depends where, but probably yes (pending on the weather).
      5. I used to catch fish in a pond by my house in the city of Milwaukee and put them in glass with tap water and I would wake up the next day and they would be dead. This may have only happened once, and my parents definitely stopped me from attempting it more than once or twice… but damn if I didn’t try.
      6. If #5 doesn’t count, I have hit 2 birds with my car. The first time was after coming home from church after not going for MONTHS. The guilt of killing a bird when I could have stayed home and watched TV was basically the beginning of the very end between me and Catholicism.
      7. I don’t know what this means. However if it’s okay with Catweazle, I’m going to go with #satanlivesontoast.
      8. I got the report on my pup from when I was gone last weekend. Apparently he’s a lot calmer around men than women. And he didn’t run away once! But he kept finding old, gross tennis balls around my friends’ lawn — stuff my friend said had existed long before they moved there 5+ years ago.
      9. This sounds a lot like that movie where Tom Hanks lived in an airport… but also the dreams little kids have that seem terrible in hindsight as you grow older.
      9a. My high school post-prom party was held at a mall. Night mall is gross and creepy, even if it is dressed up for Prom ’94.
      10. Yes.
      11. Go running!! I am going to take a little walk soon with my pup because it is sunny out and I could use some Vitamin D.

    • 2. Always
      4. can’t wait
      7. Octopus Hammerhead

    • 2. Of course!
      5. A big orange cat with a short tail.
      6. Made said cat drink root beer and eat Big League Chew.
      10. Yes. Probably the most success I’ve had as a musician.

    • 1. that sounds about right.
      2. yes, but we would have to go in the country because I’m too chicken to ride on city streets even on a regular bicycle.
      5. a turtle, and my neighbour pulled his shell off to see what he looked like and he died. I don’t count it because it only lasted like a week total and my brothers and I caught it in the yard. My first real pet was an angora bunny.
      6. I was always good with animals, even as a tinyfatima, but I have a cousin who has a small child and a Saint Bernard. When the kid was 2 he would spend all day chasing the dog trying to stick his finger in it’s giant asshole and it was hilarious and horrifying all at once.

  14. Today I checked to see if still exists. It does, but they shortened the song! What gives!?!?

  15. I tipped a few at lunch with Tallulah Bankhead and now I’m splifficated.

  16. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all day, refreshing the status page on the UPS shipment for my new smartphone battery. For the past 3 days, I’ve been using a dumbphone, and it has been excruciating trying to read my afternoon Videogum on the can.

  17. I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes which was awesome but now I am SO tired even though I went to sleep 1.5-2 hours early and I have class tonight with only an hour break to get “dinner” after work.

  18. i’m wearing the batman socks i got for my birthday yesterday and drinking strawberry soda and watching star trek III: the search for spock. so, pretty okay! even though i still have to go to work later. and i had to work on my birthday, because, despite every part of that first sentence, i am an adult.

    • Happy birthday!!!

    • Also happy birthday!

      Also also: have you wondered your whole life (or asked your parents, if you have that kind of relationship with them) whether you were conceived on Valentine’s Day? That’s probably a creepy thing to ask, but my birthday is in a few days and I was born late and I always figured, you know…stuff happened on the V-Day.

      Basically, this was all a very strange way of proclaiming that my birthday is coming up. Let’s party!

  19. The only glory I get in my adult life is the occasional great play in a co-ed slow pitch softball game, and last night I totally KILLED it on offense and defense so I feel fantastic today. Today I am a walking Sports Center highlight real in my own head!

  20. I lost internet for a while, which means I couldn’t comment at all today until right now. However, I did go to Home Depot and started three different carpentry projects which will all probably end up looking like this.

    • I’m actually pretty alright at wood working. I have several pieces of furniture that I’ve made by hand. I would probably make more stuff if hardwood wasn’t so expensive. Which, sloppily bring me to my next point. I was watching Conan O’Brien’s TBS Very Funny Show and he was interviewing the guy who plays Ron Swanson. Dude rubbed me the wrong way. He was dissing “the youth” about how we gotta make something. Like I said making stuff is expensive. The reason we buy most of our imported stuff is because it’s cheaper to get a melamine desk from Ikea than buying real hardwood and putting together a desk that can’t be disassembled anyways. Sure, if I was a tv actor, who pretends to be a tough guy, money and time to spare I’d build myself a vanity workshop where I could sell my crafts on the back of my TV fame. But for the average person that is not doable.
      Dude then went on to say something like, “and one of our best workers .. is a woman.” Like, who the fuck is surprised by that? Maybe it’s because I’ve worked in the industry but women wood workers are pretty darn common. I can understand how you’d think otherwise if you’d never worked in that industry but for someone who portrays himself as a craftsman’s craftsman, that statement just came off condescending and out of touch. Anyways, that’s my rant of the year. See you in 2013 when I discuss Jay Cutler’s organic tomatoes.

  21. Job interview saga update! My friend who works in the department I interviewed twice with emailed me to secretly tell me: 1) they have it down to two people and I am one of them and B) the hiring manager had to go on a sudden leave for personal reasons and they are putting off the hiring process for 6-8 weeks! Prior to learning this, my very new department head kind of told me he wants to rewrite my supervisor’s job description and give it to me (supervisor left due to serious illness nine months ago), so I was really not looking forward to the whole new job vs promotion thing anyway, so….

    Horrible Coke ad update! It’s gone! Hooray!

    Man, I was so glad Parenthood was finally back this week. So good! Rageful Adam is just the best. So surprised that Julia’s strange parenting plan of the week worked out for once!

    • I’m so excited to visit Videogum on phone again! I’m never drinking Diet Coke ever. (Mostly because the stuff’s yucky!). Fun fact: Videogum rates an icon on my phone’s home screen.

  22. All in all pretty good!

    I just pitched a story to my editor about how to prepare for the pending Mayan Apocalypse and she loved it! Yay!

    And I really, honestly, had no idea that Thanksgiving is next week until yesterday… So now I’m freaking out about how soon I will have to do that awful drive around Christmas… but then reminding myself that I can take my damn time and I should seriously just relax.

    Also, after MONTHS, I finally remembered to make an appointment to get my eyes checked out. I think the terrible headaches of the past few weeks did the trick. Has anyone ever invested in the eye glass coating that allegedly helps with eye strain? I know that’s an issue for me, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

  23. My dog, Little Bear, is 16. We left him at the kennel for what we thought would be a long weekend, and it ended up being a whole week because of the Sandy. I spoke to them at the kennel a couple of timed during that week to update them. They never said anything about LB not eating or losing weight. Well it turns out he has pheumonia. We’re having a hard time getting him to eat anything today. He even turned down bacon and doggy ice cream.

    • Oh no oh no oh no…I hope he feels better. What did the vet say about his eating? And his pneumonia? Is Little Bear going to be okay?

      • We’re giving him injectable antibiotics, and the vet gave him some kind of anti-nausea medication but it made him kind of stoned. I’m hoping once it wears off he’ll get hungry again.

    • Poor little guy!

    • Oh no!!!! I am sending you all of the love. And Little Bear. But sometimes just being sick is just being sick, even with pneumonia? Stoned dogs definitely don’t like to eat… my dude didn’t eat for like a day and a half when he was coming down from his meds after a mild surgery. Fingers crossed and prayers that it is just that!!

      • Thanks everyone. This morning he ate about a half of a piece of bacon. I think he did it just to make me feel better!

  24. Today I had to put my 15 year old dog to sleep. I had been postponing the decision for several weeks, but yesterday my mum called me in tears saying he couldn’t stand up on his legs. I lived with him and my mum for almost a decade and when i moved to my house, my mum said he would take good care of him. But we both knew it would be the other way around.

    His name was Jota and today it feels like he was the brightest privilege I ever had in my life.

    It took me two hours to get up this morning. I called the vet and asked him to come over to my mum’s house. She has this great beautiful garden. When we arrived, Jota was so happy to see me that he did his best to get up alone on his legs. He wasn’t able to do it, but he made me so proud of him.

    The vet checked him out and told me that the heavy painkillers he had been taking weren’t working anymore. I took the decision, I felt so horribly lonely. I held him in my arms while the doctor gave him the shot. He was really peaceful. First, he fell asleep. Then his body started to weight like tons as if earth was demanding his body urgently. That’s when i realized he stopped breathing. I buried him in the garden. During the whole procedure I heard a Mum’s Green Grass of Tunnel playing in my head. I hummed the melody. It somehow helped me. Guess that’s popular culture for you.

    Mum’s sleeping here tonight. I cooked for her. We had dinner. Then she fell asleep in the couch. I put a blanket on her. Then I came here and when I read Kate’s story about her dog I decided to share this with you, guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kinda of ok now. Tomorrow is another day. And I can’t wait to make her breakfast.

  25. So I’ve started looking for internships because I need to talk to people who have actual jobs besides grad school. You would think museums would be cool about things, but no…they want a cv, a letter of recommendation, a writing sample…and all for an unpaid internship where I’ll probably being filing or entering data.

  26. My day was alright. I screwed up something relatively minor at work this week and it really socked me in the gut. I hate making such stupid mistakes. At first, I wasn’t sure I could admit to the error without double-checking the papertrail, but after that, I had to suck it up and apologize to my team.

    I’ve also been spending a lot of time away from my home for various reasons (family and friends) which has been fun but now I’m feeling overwhelmed. My rarely messy home is now dirty, covered in laundry, and hasn’t had proper food in the fridge for almost a month. It seemed like a minor problem last weekend, thinking I was finally going to have some peace, but that didn’t happen. This morning, I got a call from my out of city doctor reminding me I have an important follow-up appointment on Friday and it made me want to throw my phone. With the holidays coming up, I think I need to accept I will have to sleep on couches, get up too early, and have no time to myself until the new year.

    Aside from that, I’ve been pretty happy. A good friend just moved to my city so we can hang out more (and I can pet her fluffy cat), presuming I can ever be home again.

  27. Hello! This is actually my first post on VG, because I love reading ‘How Was Everyone’s Day Today’ and always seem to miss the day it debuts and then i feel weird about trying to answer the day after because THAT’S NOT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT.

    So I finally made it today! Yay!

    My day was very nice! Things are back on track for my upcoming trip to Kenya — I finally submitted my permit application to the government today, and I found my passport (it was at a Kinko’s), and the lady I’m supposed to work with turned out NOT to be in the hospital, just in Montana- so lots of wins!

    Then I was briefly sadpants because I went out to walk my dogs, and one of them got loose and took off into the woods, leash flapping futilely behind her, and she didn’t come back forever. So I finally walked home, sad and freaking out and envisioning the many ways she was probably getting stolen/eating a poisonous plant/getting hit by a car and then I opened the door and VOILA! She actually had gotten home before me and my roommate had let her in — I guess the wild freedom of the outdoors turned out to be pretty boring after all.

    Then my roommate cooked delicious Colombian food for dinner and also I snagged a beer from my office so I’m having that for dessert. Paleo!

    • Welcome to Videogum!!!

      So glad your dog came back! It’s always so alarming when animals escape. One time my dog escaped and I chased him to the highway and just had the thought “This is it, I’m about to see him get hit by a car.” But he didn’t, and some very nice people saw the screaming, lunatic girl on the side of the road and stopped and helped me get him and drove us both back home!

  28. Thanks for asking about my day, Gabe. It was pretty good. I ate lunch with a good friend at work (it was her birthday), and we pigged out at a baked potato place across the street from our office. We dissed about annoying people at work and tried not to think about the crazies there that are slowly chipping away at our souls. But I digress! I got home this evening and faced the fact that I’m just gaining too much weight. So I’m making plans to do something about that. A light supper followed and now I’m getting ready to enjoy one of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds. Derek Morgan = yummy.

  29. It was good. My boss wasn’t in, which is great because my boss just creates tension by presence alone. I went to lunch with a friend and we laughed until we cried. I found out that if you tell someone to donate personal hygiene products and school supplies, 1 person in a million will donate a yellowed toothbrush from 1990.

    I’m doing the html coding part of my project due tomorrow, so I’m in a state of cautious optimism that I will get it all done before I get to bed. But American Horror Story which is always great.

    I think I am doing well in my class. That’s how I figured out to do this and this and notthis when commenting. At least I can put it to something useful.

  30. i went to a boxing gym for the first time ever and it was fun and difficult

  31. I saw Skyfall. My dad (who I went with) didn’t like the movie as much as I did because he thought M (SPOILERS) made the wrong call when she ordered the shot in the first action sequence, and made another bad call when she traded Javier Bardem for six other operatives in order to make the Hong Kong transition of power easier. And I agree with him, those were both bad calls, but they didn’t make me enjoy the movie any less. And I kind of liked how raw she seemed to feel about both things, acting as if she didn’t even owe Bond an explanation even though she DID explain herself to him. “Well, she’s dead now,” I said. “And she deserved it,” he said. Well, probably.

    Then we went to the bar and had a few drinks and talked about why Fitz and the Tantrums aren’t as huge as they should be, among other things. Good day.

    • I feel I should add, for the sake of posterity, that I love my dad even more (if that’s possible) (it’s not) for not liking a movie because he disagrees with a single, supposedly sympathetic character’s decisions.

  32. I had a really good day, thank you! It is my birthday today, birthday eve yesterday, and I finished an exhausting spreadsheet that had been looming over me for a while. Then I came home to eat mac and cheese and a movie of my choosing (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel because I am 30 now and need the winking twinstars Judi Dench and Maggie Smith to coddle me through the fear of looming death and decay.)

    Today, my boss who is a cool boss is letting me leave work early, and then my husband’s taking me out to dinner. All in all, I feel pretty content! Which is why I decided to leave my first videogum comment ever. Hello, internet!

  33. Was anybody really mad at the PMS premise in last night’s New Girl. I normally love it, but oooh boy!

  34. Hey, I missed this again! But screw it, I’m going to write about my day because it’s MY day! Yesterday I had a giant burrito with an awesome out-of-town friend, watched a couple of episodes of Nova and finished 2 scarves. I am doing a craft sale for work next Tuesday, which I just learned yesterday I got a spot in, so I have a lot of knitting to do in the next few days which makes me REALLY happy, plus hopefully I’ll pull down a little cash to use over Thanksgiving weekend.

  35. I’m great! I am head over heels with this guy I went out with on Sunday and we have had two more dates since then. TWO DATES. SINCE SUNDAY. That is crazy town! What is wrong with me! My head is in the clouds, I did laundry today and forgot to put in the soap! He is suspiciously perfect. If he turned out to be a convicted child molester who had concocted 100% of the things he has ever said to me, it would probably make more sense than just finding someone who reads all the books I read and listens to all the music I listen to and watches all the movies I watch and is hilarious and sweet and smart and ridiculously tall and almost comically handsome and texts me all the time to say he can’t stop thinking about my eyes. I’m either going to end up having his babies, or being worn by him as a coat after he lures me into his well and murders me for my skin. There’s no middle ground with this guy.

  36. It’s bitterly cold and gray and makes me want to eat carbs and drink a lot and ruins all my well-intentioned plans. I may sleep in tomorrow and go yard sale scouring for a rotary phone.

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