Slowly breathe in and out. Calm your mind. Pick up the barrels of cotton. Lay them out again. Pick them up again, this time they will be standing upright. Everything is in its right place. Breathe in and out. Your mid-day relaxation break has ended. Please resume stressing yourself out quickly, you have wasted a lot of time. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I really have to poop now.

  2. “Wait one cotton flippin’ minute.” -Kelly

  3. Kelly, I can’t relax. I’m too excited about my upcoming movie about a baker ghost who falls in love with an architect!!

  4. So sad that this will ultimately lead to more American Apparel shirts, though.

  5. The only thing that registered with me was the word “gin” in the video title, which should tell you what kind of day I’m having.

  6. Those look like giant manicotti. I actually thought the cotton was cheese for a second before I realized how much cheese that would be.

  7. i wish i was in a nest of cotton

  8. There is a level of ingenuity here that makes me shout “USA! USA!”

  9. Hi guys! I created an account for the sole purpose of letting you know that I might be going to jail soon! You see, I went to college in a town close to where this video was shot. One drunken night, thanks to coconut rum mixed with Sonic slushies, my friends and I ended up in Slaton doing incredibly dumb things and getting caught by the fine folks of Slaton PD. As I was being released from jail the next morning, the officers told my friends and me to never step foot in or even LOOK at Slaton, TX ever again. And now I’ve watched that video in its entirety before noticing the writing on the side of the truck, so I’m probably going back to the clink where the water fountains are mounted on the back of the toilets. So long, Videogum!

  10. I’m so relaxed, I feel like I just got a massage. By a huge cheesestick.

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