• It’s sometimes fun to remember how many kids Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have. SO MANY! Too many! And they’re all so young! I hope this doesn’t come off as weird, just wait and hear me out, but I wonder what their bedrooms look like. They probably have VERY COOL little kid bedrooms. Decorated whatever way they want with the best stuff. I’m genuinely not sure how weird that is all going to read. -Dlisted
  • In this interview with the New York Times, Parker Posey talks a bit about how Louis C.K. approached her for her role on Louie and thankfully the story is not, “We met at an awards show and we were both such big fans of each other,” because those stories are the most boring. ENJOY! -NYTimes
  • The Week has put a list together of 22 fictional characters whose names (or full names) you don’t know. HOW DARE THEY. How many of these DO you know? All of them? All of them and 22 more that The Week couldn’t ever even think of, never in a million years? -TheWeek
  • Morgan Spurlock is going to direct a One Direction movie, apparently. “Worlds you don’t care about at all been had colliding it what is probably an attempt at making some sort of statement by one of the worlds but you don’t even care enough to check, apparently.” -FilmDrunk
  • Michael Cera is a writer on Arrested Development‘s new season. But will he marry me or at least just hang out? Click through for details on one of those. -Splitsider
  • Want to hear Bono’s Bill Clinton impression? It’s TERRIBLE. Hahaha. I’m listening to it right now and it is a terrible, terrible impression. And he does it for, like, way too long. I’m loving it. You’ll love it. Take a listen. -HyperVocal
  • I don’t even have an answer to this one myself because I haven’t looked because I like to keep surprises in their place, but NextMovie has a question: What movie are French people urinating over? -NextMovie
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  1. Bono seems fun.

  2. It’s like they’re growing their own community college commercial.

  3. I knew the Pillsbury Doughbough’s name. I just want you all to know that.

  4. And apparently the French urinate on seats in protest of all/most genre films? Is that the implication in that closing statement? “Showing genre films in France is not easy, so we ask that our future spectators please be respectful of the rules of courtesy.”
    But they still pay to go see the movies? And theaters still show them? I’m so confused, you guys…. Maybe Huge Ackman can help explain….

    • Are genre movies required viewing? Do the titles not translate well, so patrons who were expecting to see “Misty Ennui: A doomed love story on a train” accidentally end up watching Taken 2, and can’t leave once they realize their mistake, because the doors are locked?

    • That article seriously raised more questions than it answered about what is going on with movies in France.

  5. Every time I see Parker Posey I just want to scream “I LOVE YOU”.

  6. Oh, when the French see our ghost baker / robot boxer movie, they are going to SHIT!


  8. What’s Doug Pitt up to you think?

  9. Kelly, there is a thin line between fantasizing about children (and their bedrooms) because you’re creepy and fantasizing about children (and their bedrooms) because you’re nostalgic about childhood.

    You stayed on the right side of the line.

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