Hitchcock writer John McLaughlin is working on the script for a Johnny Carson biopic, based on the Bill Zehme biography Carson The Magnificent: An Intimate Portrait. So GET READY! Meaning: Decide who should play Johnny Carson! (Ryan Gosling?)

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  1. The only real answer is NPH.

  2. Frgt Johnny Carson, can we get Billy Zane to play Bill Zehme in the movie about the writing of the Johnny Carson biography??

  3. Pixar animates it. Sklar Brothers as Johnny Carson.

  4. Where’s LBT? Tilda Swinton in 5, 4, 3…

  5. The Ghost of Boris Yeltsin, Andy Serkis and a bottle of Ciroc.

    The Ghost of Boris Yeltsin
    Andy Serkis
    And a bottle of Ciroc

    Name three things that could play Ed McMahon.

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