Ugh, it’s so frustrating how some people have all the luck, you know? Here is Mary-Kate Olsen, a former child star and billionaire fashion magnate who owned the apartment that Heath Ledger died in (awww, lucky!!!) and now we find out that she also has found true love with a great man?! It’s too much! Leave some luck for the rest of us, man! Look at these two. Good grief. RENT A ROOM, YOU KIDS! They are really rubbing our faces in how perfect they are for each other. Does anyone know the backstory? Like, were they high school sweet hearts or what? I know that the movie Serendipity was based on them and that also their relationship is where the word “kismet” comes from. But it’s just so frustrating to be a thoughtful, intelligent adult who knows that Hollywoodian ideas of romantic perfection aren’t real and shouldn’t be anyone’s hope or expectation, and then you see something like this and realize that however rare, it IS possible. Don’t settle, guys. There is an Olivier Sarkozy out there for each of us. What will you say when you meet him?!

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. That is the commenter equivalent of getting to second base! (Gross!) (Image via RatsOff! Click through to enlarge.)

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  1. Can’t get it, dude!

  2. Cut. It. Out.

  3. It looks like she’s inflatable and he’s blowing her up.

  4. Cut it out!

  5. Is this a scene from Bob Saget’s “The Aristocrats” joke?

  6. Is anyone else having really really unpleasant flashbacks to Pepe Le Pieu cartoons? Just me?

  7. Mmmm. You taste like Oat Boats.

  8. Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency, yes, Mary Kate has been kidnapped?

  9. At first I was surprised by this picture, but she’s a full grown tomato and he’s a grown bird. She has enough spinach where she’s not looking for a sugar daddy. The only problem I have with this is that their doing this in front of everybody, for the whole world too see. Sorry, mac, bank’s closed, skip the cash; grab a check. Beat it.

  10. That’s a French kiss? I’ve been doing it wrong for years.

  11. maybe that’s Ashley and he just got confused?

  12. Looks like they’re getting pretty Zar-Cozy. HAHAHAHA! WOO, that’s it for me. Have fun, guys, turn the lights off on your way out!

  13. She might just get turned on by old people. It happens.

  14. Mary Kate, blink twice if you need us to call the police.

  15. I think her facial expression would seem more natural if she was kissing a ghost.

  16. Are we sure that’s not Fiona Apple? Is Fiona the fourth Olsen?

  17. L’OL

  18. Wait, what’s the story here? Who is that guy? And while closer inspection has revealed that these two are just sitting in some seats, why was my first impression that they were in a bumper car? Is bumper cars an acceptable Hollywood anyone date? Asking for a friend.

  19. Hopefully someday they’ll figure it out, like these guys:

  20. “Dude, WTF. You KNOW I’m Ashley.”

  21. I don’t hate it.

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  23. Alien Invasion at Bayside! Court side!

  24. “Don’t move! I’ll suck the poison out of your temple. I’ve seen this on Man vs. Wild.”

  25. haha, it’s like looking in a mirror.

  26. “Wait…did he play my dad in Passport to Paris?”

  27. []

  28. It’s possible that this attachment to an older man might stem from her lost childhood and interaction with a father figure due to her early-onset career as an in demand media figure but who cares because HA HA HA omg that face!

  29. When you’re a billionaire, you can use your time machine to date a young Mandy Patinkin.


  31. She looks like a cat having its ears pulled by a toddler.

  32. This is what happens when you imprint on Bob Saget.

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