Trailer day is still Friday at Videogum, but we cannot sit on something as EXPLOSIVE as Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm sitting in a clawfoot bathtub together passing loofas around. (Not to mention that I’m not even sure what this is a trailer for so we might as well talk about it now. Is it a TV show? A made-for-TV movie? A mini-series? Of course, in England, they call a “mini-series” a “mini-lorry.”) (Hello old friend! Welcome home!) (I am sure I could answer my own question about what this whole thing actually is with the simplest of Google searches, but that would take out all the FUN and I am sure I am using that word correctly.) Well? So? Ladies? You OK? This one’s a real vagina buster, huh? I mean, Daniel Radcliffe AND Jon Hamm? Something for everyone! It doesn’t care whether you like Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray, you’re going to fall in love all over again. Haha, do ladies even like Daniel Radcliffe? I mean, you know, LIKE him? Is that a thing? We all know how you feel about Jon Hamm, which is that you want him to kiss you right on the mouth without even pausing to take off his silly hat, but it’s finally time to clear the air on this Daniel Radcliffe situation. I know that you thought he was convincing as a boy wizard, but that is not the same thing as wanting to hold hands with him. (See what I did there? I just cut your prison sentence in half. You’re welcome.) Sound off in our Danny Rad (gross) poll:

Do You Have Sex Feelings For Legal Daniel Radcliffe?

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Oh no, we have not even talked about this TV show/movie/whatever this even is! Haha, who cares. SEX SELLS. BUY MY BLOG POLL.

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  1. so i’m guessing by age that radcliffe has to be the doctor, making hamm the notebook right?

  2. WOW. 100% of voters at this time in the polls do not have feelings for D-Rad. Poor little guy. He needs to start hanging out with Idris* and Benedict* to get some tips on how to slay the ladies!

    *First name basis. NBD.

  3. Re: Daniel Radcliffe – I am sure he is a lovely young man, and I find him charming in interviews, but personally he doesn’t inspire kissy feelings. It could be that watching him grow up makes him like a pop culture younger brother, which, ew, or because he actually really reminds me a lot of a family member (again, ew). Of course, I don’t really feel kissing feelings for John Hamm either, (although there are few celebrities with whom I would rather play pool and drink beer) so I might just be a freak.

    I honestly don’t know why I am going to post this because no one needs this information, like at all, but you shall have it anyway. Because there’s no share like overshare!

    • I feel the same way, point for point. You’re not alone LBT!

    • Are we related? Because I have a family member who looks exactly like DanRad too. Like, he’s been mistaken for him on the street.

    • I agree. I think it’s watching him grow up. On kind of the same note, not really but I feel like I need to put this out there, Terminator 2 was on the other day and I was reminded of the huge crush and many kissy feelings I had for Edward Furlong when I was in junior high and that movie came out. But I’m not in junior high and he’s still a young kid (in that movie) so I didn’t know how I should feel. In the end, I just didn’t watch any more of Terminator 2.

    • Could it be his resemblance to Elijah Wood as Frodo?

  4. Really surprised they didn’t get Gosling for the prequel.

  5. They put them on the same level for this one; I saw a bunch of ads where Danny came up to Hamm’s knees.

  6. I have heard (on the internet)(tumblr)(stop judging me) that there are many women who have sexual feelings towards Harry Potter, but I assume they are just a lot younger than me? The thought of seeing him in a bathtub almost makes me not want to see Jon Hamm in the same bathtub at all, but at the end of the day of course I do, lust conquers all.

  7. this is a British show, so why don’t they list Jon Hamm as Jon Bangers?

  8. John Hamm is quite fetching.

  9. You guys, we need to stop giving the Brits so much of our Hamm. They already got enough when he was the best part of a very questionable season 2 of Todd Margaret.

  10. I’m at work so I don’t think I can handle this trailer right now. I just can’t!

  11. Remember when Daniel Radcliffe starred in Equus to break from his Harry Potter image and his naked picture from that show was all over the Internet? I saw one on purpose, not out of lust, but because when the Internet gives you Harry Potter dong, it’s only polite to look.

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