Don’t come at Ms. Pranksalot with that weak ass TV prank. Where’d you find that prank, the Internet in 1999 via some sort of run-down prank time machine? Please. Maybe that’d work someplace else, possibly in a place where they’ve never heard of pranks, but not in this house. You better call an ambulance, ’cause you’re about to get BETTER PRANK BUSTED. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Nobody’s ever pulled off a prank on this girl before. I think we can pull it off. We’re gonna need at least 11 people on our crew, though.

  2. That was so gangham style

  3. So it looks like he got Punk’D'D?

  4. You come at the pranking queen, you best not miss.

  5. Prank rule #1: Prefacing a scary video with a Youtube logo and media controls reduced scare factor

  6. Real pranksters don’t use smartphones or Ipads. They fake injuries and/or deaths.

  7. Prank busta BUSTA

  8. Prankstafarian.

  9. I feel like I have to chime in as Videogum’s token Korean, but basically everyone else’s comments are already perfect. So like, y’all want a translation or something? Can I get you a Choco Pie?

  10. You know when after somebody says/does something mean and you think of a comeback like 20 minutes later? Yeah…this woman doesn’t have that problem. I’m jealous.

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