This is not a metaphor for anything. It’s just a driverless car doing backwards donuts for seven minutes. Life is meaningless and then it stops. OH WAIT! (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)

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  1. I need Herzog to narrate this.

  2. Warning: Donut try this at home.

  3. Reverse Donuts:

  4. Satre would be fascinated.

  5. Video loaded right away! Nice. Don’t have time for those other broken vids. Going to watch this car do donuts for 7 mins.

  6. Did Seth Rogan record this?

  7. Welcome to Obama’s America. -Donald Trump

  8. Why the hell did the dude jump in the window when there was an open door?

  9. That’s what you get when you let Google Driverless Car software coders drink on the job.

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