It is easy to laugh at this new study that has determined most people will give up on a video if it takes longer than two seconds to load, but I legit almost throw my computer out of the window every single day for things like stalling for a few seconds while I have a million tabs open and 90% of them are just Courtney Stodden GIF walls, so WHO AM I TO JUDGE? From Gizmodo:

According to the recent study, based on 2.3 million views by 6.7 million unique users, users will start abandoning “short” videos after two seconds, and that 20 percent have moved on after five seconds. As far as the study is concerned, “short” equals “less than 30 minutes,” so you can probably imagine the migration happens even faster when you’re talking about a one or two minute clip. Viewers waiting for longer flicks (probably films) are willing to put up with a lot more BS.

It sounds like an exaggeration of what you’d actually guess, but it ALSO sounds about right. 2 seconds is definitely enough time to realize you’re wasting enough of your life watching garbage videos on the Internet to waste any more of your precious few Earth seconds waiting for them to load. (Only to, I assume, go seek out a new video that will load instantly.) But does this seem true to you? What about your life? What happens in your life? How are you doing? Who are you wearing? PLZ VOTE IN OUR POLL.

How Long Does It Take You To Abandon A Loading Video?

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Thank you for voting. Four more years! Of our lives spent loading and watching Internet videos!

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  1. The poll wouldn’t load so I have abandoned Videogum and will spend all my internet time at Celebitchy from now on.

  2. How long before I throw my computer out a window? Well, the last WMOAT entry was August 1, 2011, so 469 days and counting, I guess.

  3. I FINALLY caught an episode of Couples Therapy starring DOURTNEY this weekend. A let me say, what a masterpiece of garbage cinema it is.

    The episode I saw was everyone complaining about how obnoxious DOURTNEY was (were?) (they had left the show because they were being “bullied”) and then the therapist YELLED at them all for being rude to them (cool therapist, cool show).

    AND THEN! The “next time on Couples Therapy” segment showed DOURTNEY COMING BACK!


  4. If there was an option that said, “I will wait 5 seconds before refreshing the window, then an additional 5 before abandoning the video altogether. I might check my internet connection if the next page I go to also does not load. If it was my internet connection, I will go back and try the video again and if it doesn’t play instantly, I will abandon the video, or if a commercial begins playing that is longer than the clip I wish to watch, I will abandon the video immediately,” I would’ve voted for that.

  5. This is computer related, so therefore somewhat on topic, but holy moly did anyone else see the story about the McAfee Anti-Virus founder? Went crazy, moved to Belize, built a drug lab with local criminal elements to purify weird rape-drugs, possibly / probably murdered his neighbor? Yiiiiiiikes.

  6. I made my last computer into a molotov cocktail.

  7. This poll result might be thrown off by NJ/NY residents who might have to wait until the end of the second Obama administration before they can even find what’s left of their computers.

  8. I am pretty inured to stuff like this because I recently moved into an apartment that has the worst Internet connection. It works for ten seconds and then doesn’t for twenty. It’s always in this torturous cycle of working and then not working. So if I want to watch a Youtube I’m going to have to settle in for a while. It’s the worst! Also, my cable’s weird. I get CBS but no NBC or ABC, but then I also get fuzzy HBO. Perfect cable package.

  9. I see that I am the ONLY person to choose “I will wait over one hour if I have the time.” You guys, the key is to not stare blankly at the “buffering” screen the whole time. You can move to a different tab, do something else, then come back an hour later, stare at it for just 0.5 seconds, then go to a different tab, etc. Some videos I will wait 2-3 days this way, only closing their tab when I realize I have no recollection what that video was going to be. It’s a system.

  10. Here, I made this video to express how I feel about this topic. Please watch:

  11. I think I recognize the girl in that picture.

  12. I answered “I do not watch Internet videos” because I thought I’d be the one person to vote for that on this site about Internet videos (I totally watch Internet videos). WHO ARE ALL YOU OTHER LIARS?

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