• Annie Leibovitz did a Les Misérables photo spread for Vogue and don’t you just wish you could do a photoshoot for Vogue? They’d make you look so good. Right? They wouldn’t NOT. -SlashFilm
  • Apparently there has been a lot of stuff going on in Ariel Winter’s, the young actress from Modern Family, family life lately, stuff that I am not going to comment on both because I don’t understand and because it is certainly none of my business, but luckily for Ariel Courtney Stodden is willing to weigh in! -Dlisted
  • HBO has renewed Girls for a third season, even though Girls has not begun airing its second season yet. It makes sense, though. People will probably watch it? Also the world is going to end in a month. Renew everything! -PopCultureBrain
  • Begin reading this Courtney Stodden/Couples Therapy essay because you will shamelessly read anything about Courney Stodden, finish reading this Courney Stodden/Couples Therapy essay because of how correctly it identifies the source of Courtney Stodden’s mental imbalance. -AVClub
  • I don’t totally know what all of this means, but here is Taylor Lautner talking about the “touchy subject” of “imprinting” on baby “Renesmee” in Twilight. Uhhh. -FilmDrunk
  • HyperVocal has put together a list of ten Sesame Street performances that don’t get enough love, and they are all wonderful. And yes we are going to continue not talking about the elephant in the alleged room. -HyperVocal
  • Apparently people are real upset with Rihanna’s SNL performance, but I don’t understand why? That performance was cool as hell. And for the artists who are upset that she possibly ripped off their art: Why are you making art that looks like garbage? You may have a point, I have no idea, but also please stop making the art you’re making. -ONTD
  • Speaking of Rihanna, Daniel Craig would rather her play a Bond girl than Beyonce. WhaaaaaAA jk, that mostly makes sense. Bey’s already a Powers girl anyway. -HuffingtonPost
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  1. The next post better be “Topher Grace at the Movies,” or you’re both fired.

  2. I feel like at least two of these comments are aimed directly at things I’ve discussed here today, and at least two more are trying to bait me into getting the lowest rated comment again this week. Nice try, KELLY!

  3. I recently heard that the artist that made this drawing is really mad about the meme it’s become:

    Like honestly? If you don’t want your art to be a meme don’t make it weird and terrible. Do a good job. A pear with big teeth that doesn’t make sense at all.

  4. I definitely read that last description as “Daniel Craig would rather play a Bond girl than Beyonce”, so that’s something to think about/picture in your head/create via photoshop (please?).

  5. I feel like this is a good place to leave this video which is my favorite Daniel Craig thing ever:


  6. “Yes. Courtney’s mental imbalance is because of reality television. That’s the reason. There is no other reason.” — Courtney Stodden’s father

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