She teaches little girls that wanting to be a princess is nice, but you also have to prepare seriously for an actual career. H is for hahaha. T is for TOUGH BREAK, LADIES!

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  1. So we’re just going to ignore the fact that Elmo is being accused of touching a child, right? We all agree on this?

  2. Next week on Sesame Street: Ben Bernanke stops by to teach big bird how to consolidate his student loans, and why they are impervious to bankruptcy filings! (No, but this is actually great.)

  3. When’s Scalia gonna come on and ruin everyone’s fun and when is Thomas going to come on and just stand there and not say anything?

  4. Pssht, whatever. I do what I want.

  5. I met her once! She came to a lunch sponsored by my school’s women of color group in ’08. (Had no inkling that she would be on the Supreme Court like the next year.) The thing I remember most is that someone asked her the classic “can we ladies have it all” question, and her answer was very frank and a little bit discouraging. I hope that muppet isn’t too attached to being a mom when she grows up.

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